A Rat in the Kitchen

A month or so ago we had a blizzard here in Colorado and Leaf, poor lovelorn Floridian transplant, had quite the fit. Which got a hearty giggle out of his former bunkie, Aernath’s Rat, who was at the time visiting his ladylove, Gennii Drominda’s JaySay, in Arizona. There was quite the little tease here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/sh…d.php?t=289800

This takes place — in doll time, anyway — just shortly thereafter. Figured with things getting a little tense in Rat’s world, we’d best get this up!

Leaf speaketh in red.

I speaketh in green, just for the heckuvit.
The rest of the cast speaketh in various other colors…
Things wot happen are in italics.

Having gotten all that under control, onward! and Godspeed…


Leaf: stomp stomp stomp Harumph!
Me: What is it hon?

Leaf: I’m pissed, what do you think it is.
Me: Huh? Why?

Leaf: Didn’t you SEE this? GLOATING at me?

Leaf: “Almost as hot as Arizona.” Your lily-white…
Me: Leaf. Come on now. Be good.
Leaf: He’s rubbing it in. The ratbastard.

plops onto bench
Leaf: He’s supposed to be my friend. We were buddies.
Me: He’s still your friend, doofus. He’s just yankin’ yer chain.
Leaf: Yeah, yeah. I’m never getting a girl at this rate.
Me: Ok, well, you sit here and pout, friend. I’ve got the flu and I’m grabbin’ a nap.


Joe: LeafDude. I hear you have been feelin’ down.
Leaf: Who the heck are you?

Joe: I am Joe! Leader of the Littles of the Baakay Bunch. And you…

Joe: Are not. twinkle


Joe: Phear not, LeafDude! Be not of bad cheer, or something.

Joe: For we, the Littles, have prepared an entertainment for you, to raise those spirits of yours! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!


Joe: Ok, gang! Just like we practiced it!

Littles: There’s… a….

Littles: RAT! in the kitchen, what I’m-a gonna do? There’s a

Littles: RAT! in the kitchen, what I’m-a gonna do? I’m gonna fix dat

Littles: RAT! dat’s what I’m gonna do! I’m gonna fix dat

Littles: RAT!

Joe: Wait a second, wait a second. ShintaDude, we talked about this. The picture does NOT go on the sword, the sword is scary, dude.
Shinta: But…
Joe: No but. Everyone back on the bench.

Shinta: But the sword is the heart of a samurai, that it is!
Leaf: …..
Off to the side: snap! snap snap snap! crack

Ace: You want I should fix dat Rat for ya? I have my ways…

Leaf: Wait a second! Now who the hell are YOU?

L: Watashi wa “L” desu!
ReindeerL: “L” desu!
ChairL: “L” desu!

Hellboy: Aw CRAP. You’re in the wrong story again, Pastry boy. Come on, back up on the file cabinet with the rest of us action dolls.

Leaf: Help?

And that’s all!
Thanks for looking, blurry pics and insanity notwithstanding!

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Leggo my … hat!

Well a long, long time ago, I only had minis in my house. And the boys get… kind of cranky and restless sometimes at being ignored, never photographed, never taken out to play.

The last couple of days I’ve come downstairs to the Dungeon of Anime ™ at various times to discover that the DZ minis are having a "grab Kai’s hat" thing going on. (Hey, if I don’t do anything with them, they amuse themselves?? ) You have to know that this hat was a gift from Aernath, and Kai hasn’t had it off since he got it… except for when Hiten grabbed it 2 days ago.

I wish I’d thought to take pictures then, when Kai was swatting Hiten unmercifully for having taken the hat, and Yuki was just looking on, amused. Kai plopped the hat back on his head with a "MY hat!" look. Today I turned around and saw this behind me:

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A Leaf in the Snow

This little piece of silly is in response to a long-standing request! I’ll let you guess from whom.


Leaf: Ok, ok. It’s been months since Aernath and Baakay swapped me for Ardit. Ardit got to go to nice, semi-tropical Florida, and I got to come to Colorado. I haven’t been in many shoots since I’ve been out here, so I figured it was a good time to give a shout out to my buddies at the Ranch – and the rat, er I mean Rat, who’s enjoying Arid-zona at the moment. See, yesterday we had this little thing called a blizzard…

Yessir, here I am, in beautiful Colorado, where the sun shines 300 days a year. And then there are the days like yesterday. Barbecue, anyone? The smoker grill is… well, it’s rusting back there… and the deck is…covered with really wet snow… Do you mind if we move it along, lady? My FEET are FREEZING!


Leaf: Man, it’s bright out here. Nice tree, though… but the SNOW IS COLD ON MY FEET!
Me: Leaf, keep it down, the neighbor’s dog is pretty excitable, you know. Ok, ok, let me move you over into the sun.


Dawg: Woof. Woof woof woof. Bark. Woof Bark. (etc, for hours on end, you get the idea).
Leaf: And loud, too. Is he always like this?
Me: Like this? Oh no. Sometimes he does it at NIGHT!
Leaf: Nice pile of snow he’s got there. What’s to prevent him from jumping over and tasting my resin?
Me: Not a lot; shall we move to higher ground?
Leaf: Please.


Leaf: Well here we are. Springtime in the Rockies. Or, well, 50 miles east of the Rockies.
Me: The cow flats.
Leaf: Whatever. Springtime fun. Swingsets! Sun! Backyard gaiety!


Leaf: Hey, Aernath! There’s that park you like so much! Shall we take a stroll? There’s no fountain but I’ll bet we can find an ice floe or two…
Me: Do I detect just the slightest particle of sarcasm in that remark, dear Leaf?


Leaf: Hey. You’re good! Look, the guys at the Ranch are running around with open shirts. I’m wearing… a PENGUIN. in MARCH. The guys are basking, and yesterday it was twenty degrees below stupid, Farhenheit, with a windchill of OMGWTFBBQ!!
Me: Wimp.
Leaf: Rat’s cuddling up to unicorns, I’ve got…
Me: The neighbor’s watchrag, er watch dog.
Leaf: You catch my drift, I take it. Ok, let’s go show them all the ice in the front driveway.


Leaf: What the heck? It’s a river! There IS water in Colorado! Who knew??
Me: Amazing, wot? You wouldn’t believe me when I told you it would disappear as soon as the sun hit it.
Leaf: Guess so! There were… big piles of ICE out here a little while ago… Really!


Leaf: Hey! Aernath! Show this nice cozy den to Vorpal Bunny! This is where our bunnies live! Well, under it, really. *shiver*
Me: At least Woof can’t see you from behind there…
Leaf: Good point. Can we go in now?
Me: Sure we can, sweetie. I’m ready, anyway… it’s way too hot out here.
Leaf: You said that for Aernath’s benefit, didn’t you?
Me: You catch on quick!

[a few moments and much removal of clothing later:]

Leaf: Aahhh. Ok, this is better. Wet sneaks off, bunny slippers on, and a nice warm spot in the sun. It’s not Florida, but, well…. it’s….
Me: Greeley Freaking Colorado?
Leaf: Um, ya.


Leaf and Strudel check out the fish!

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Welcome Home

My labor of love continues. Ruroni Kenshin is, of course, by Watsuki Nobuhiro, and the characters my dolls portray are his original creations. I have taken quite a bit of liberty with the world in which they now live, but it’s safe to say that my dolls herein are meant as a tribute to what I consider an absolute masterpiece of storytelling.


When last we saw my dear Kenshin, he was having a bit of an emotional meltdown about his beloved Kaoru, who’s been gone for a year. He’d been told — rather bluntly — that he’s been an idiot to leave her alone, and he’d just come to his own agreement with that statement. Just as he was giving in to his sorrow, a small "ahem" caught his attention, and a figure in pink stepped into view…
We continue from here.

The pink lady speaks in pink. Of course.
And another newcomer, at least to this rendition of the world, speaks in black.

Thoughts and "narration" are in italics.


Ha- Hai?? Yes? It’s this one, that it is … I mean …


I FOUND you.

Oh this one has an uncomfortable feeling, that he does …


Kaoru-dono, is it really you?

Yes, Kenshin, it is really me. And it has been a very long time since I have seen you.

Yes, yes I know that this one was gone much longer than expected and…

He reaches cautiously toward Kaoru, not quite knowing what to expect.
And this one did not tell you where he had wandered off to.
Leaving me to wonder if you would EVER come back, or whether you were even ALIVE.

But.. but when this one came home, you were gone. I was thinking that I would never see your face again.






Oro … Orororororoooo ….

Kenshin. Are you alright?

Kaoru-dono has not lost her touch with her sword, that she has not.
Kenshin, I …
Ha! I had a feeling that might happen.


Yo. Sagara Sanosuke makes his triumphant entrance in Greeley Freaking Colorado.

So, Sano, you…???
Went to find the little missy? Yes. I did. You were moping around here like a guy who just lost his pet dog, for too damn long. And I had an idea that the missy might have taken off to look for you, so I went to fetch her. Had to follow her trail from here to Tokyo and then to Kyoto, but I finally caught up with her.

She was looking for… this one?
That she was, Kenshin. That she was.
He pats Kaoru on the shoulder in friendly familiarity.

And we had quite the fun trip back, didn’t we, Kaoru-san?
Yes, we did indeed, Sanosuke-kun. And thank you very much for coming to get me.

Her eyes bore into his…
But you may feel free to remove your hand from my person at any time now.
Well, well. Heh… yes, of course … heheheh … sorry about that… sweatdrop, much?

He chatters away to fill the awkward.
So! What say we all go out and get something to eat, eh? How about it? We don’t want Kaoru to have to cook on her first night back, do we, now?

The silence roars.

Oho, this is going even better than I’d hoped! Time for “this one” to beat a timely retreat.

Or, I could just go unpack and get settled! See ya… call me if you need me for anything. Heh!
He wanders away whistling tunelessly.

Um, Kenshin, I’m so sorry I didn’t stay here as I told you I would, but…
Kaoru-dono. Come here.

Kaoru, if this one had not wandered away first, you would have had no reason to follow. This has all been my fault. I am a foolish man.

Please try to forgive this one, Kaoru-dono.

I will never leave you again, Kaoru. Never again.

Or I, you.

Welcome home, Kaoru.
I’m back, Kenshin.

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A Valentine’s Day Chocolate Box


I actually took this picture a year ago but was too chicken to post it. He’s changed his eyes and hair since then but doesn’t look any less delectable… Soooo….

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Last fall, my two iterations of Kenshin made quite the splash when I showed them together for the first time. Kenshin got some unexpected – but very appreciated – attention, and then needed to atone for all of the confusion his sudden burst of emotions created. When last we saw the boyz, they were apologizing.

I’ve of necessity taken some unusual liberties with the Rurouni Kenshin canon, if for no other reason than having these two exist at the same time in the same place is a bit of a time-space issue. And from here on out it’s going to be stranger still, I fear.

At any rate!

Himura Kenshin is in Red.
Hitokiri Battousai is in Blue.

Please enjoy!


So. The bowing, scraping and groveling are all taken care of and we can get back to the slaying…. Wait, what are you doing NOW, old man?

*tsk* What does it look like? I am…. folding laundry, that I am.

Laundry. How demeaning. The hands of a master swordsman are not meant to do scullery work, Himura.

Perhaps not, Battousai-san. But this one no longer lives by the sword as he did in his youth.

There are other things that can be done with skilled hands. That there are.

And this one has often done such things to be useful, in the past. It is only fair.

Such as cleaning the dojo for … Kaoru-dono…

*sliding his short sword back into place*
Ahh, that’s what this is all about, isn’t it. Brooding about that woman again?

All of the attention from beautiful females got you thinking about the one that got away, didn’t it.

You’re so weak and predictable, Himura. You’ve definitely lost your edge. Get over her. She left you…. when? How long has it been?

*very quietly*
It has been a year.
And you should be more respectful, Battousai-san.

*an awkward pause ensues*
Hrmph. *sigh* My pardons.

You are right, however, Battousai. I do brood. And wonder. Why would she have left me?

She said she would always wait for my return.

I would protect her with my life and yet… she has been gone. For an entire year.


*tsk* You are an absolute idiot, old man. What sort of woman wants to sit around and wait like a lump while her occasional boyfriend goes wandering all over the world looking for justice, or atonement, or whatever it is you’re looking for?

Who would want to grow old waiting for a washed-up do-gooder – one who can’t even muster up enough spirit to wield a proper sword that might actually DO some good?
*sternly* Battousai-san.

You know it’s true. My god, Himura. She’s a beautiful girl. She got tired of waiting and went to look for you, according to Sanosuke. Personally I think she went looking for a guy with a few bal- some spirit. That’s my opinion.

Nothing to say for yourself, eh? Well, I’ll leave you to your laundry, old man. Enjoy yourself.

Ja ne.

*A very long silence ensues and then Kenshin heaves a great, shuddering sigh.*
He is right, of course, that one. How could I be so stupid?

Why would I expect her to wait for this one? This fouled, failed, pitiful excuse for a man.

Oh Kaoru. Your scent lingers on your kimono, but even that will be gone soon. I remember when I embraced you and said sayonara this time. I never thought it really would be forever.

Kaoru-dono. Kaoru, I am so sorry. I failed you. … I am so sorry…
*several very quiet, very muffled sobs escape the sleeve of the kimono where Kenshin has buried his face*

…. ahem?



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A New Guy Joins the Bunch! (and his name is…)

Ok, so this is the first time I’ve ever ordered a limited fullset and oh was I worried. What if I don’t like him? What will I do?


He arrived yesterday and I grabbed a few really crummy pictures of him to share. Early owner pics Some taken with the horror that is flash. All taken in the Dungeon of Anime ™ where my office and doll stuff are. So with all those disclaimers in mind…

His full set is very fun. Glasses, wig, that cool mesh shirt, really nice pleather pants with zippers in the legs, a … waist-mounted bag. (Was going to call it a fanny pack, but I know that carries odd connotations in some parts). A tie… and that HAT (which is utterly awesome). I didn’t buy his jacket. I do wish I’d had a chance to buy the shoes he’s shown with in the promo shots. Want. Those.

Blurry but you get the idea. Yum.

Oh noes it’s the dreaded camera flash! But this gives you at least a glimpse at the awesome faceup.

And without the hat and glasses…

Same thing with flash for the details:


Here he is in the Seat of Honor where Kenshin usually lives.

Why do I want to start singing "You can leave your hat on" ?

Ok these next two were specifically taken because I knew someone in Florida who shall remain nameless, unless she wishes to reveal herself as Aernath, would insist:

He sat like that for a good hour with me just staring…
and then I tried a couple other wigs on him just for the halibut.

The gray and white Wu wig:

(that’s Tanwoo Hu beside him… we were laughing that they both have silver hair and eyes.)
…and because someone said "he’d look great in black!" I tried the closest wig at hand on him.

I’ll spam him more once he gets settled better!!
Added Jan 13, 2009 (6:31 pm) 
Ok so he’s been here a few days now… (hasn’t moved because I still can’t stop staring at him!) but he’s found a wig and a name!

Yes, yes, he has his default wig but … he needed black hair:

A much shorter black wig than the one I tucked on him last week. Braided into a tail.

And his name is: Alexei Coralian Eton.

Long story having mostly to do with the fact that my younger daughter has a marvelous sense of names and she told me "He just looks like an Ace to me!

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Background: In one of my ultra-rare fits of photography, my two Kenshin dolls made an appearance… and silly things happened. And then, much to MY surprise, Amethyst had something to say! http://www.denofangels.com/forums/sh…d.php?t=263632

…. which led to some… “excitement,” shall we say? (Poor confused Kenshin…)

AND, a bit of fabulosity along with some interesting revelations from Amethyst, HERE: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/sh…d.php?t=263810

Now the boys done been TOLD. They ARE to apologize for themselves.

Kenshin is in red.
Battousai is in blue.

Gomen nasai, Amethyst-dono.

This one must beg your forgiveness. Truly. It seems that a certain moment of weakness has resulted in an unhappy misunderstanding.

A moment passes, silk rustling, as the two rise and assume a seated position…

This one IS lonely, but… in love with another. Nothing will ever change that.

Amethyst-dono, you are a truly beautiful woman. Exquisite. And this one is honored and humbled that you would for a moment consider taking up company with such as I.

If it were otherwise, nothing would make this one happier than to be with such a wonderful person as yourself. Please do not feel that there is any fault or shortcoming in you. The lack is here. Gomen.

a moment or two passes…

*mutters* I still say a couple of swipes with the katana would work better. Nothing like some blood loss and ruined clothing to make people think twice about being foolish.

I can’t believe you just said that.

Thanks for looking!

(… and thanks to Hobbywhelmed for giving me Battousai’s line 😉 )


Hey old man. You’re supposed to BOW, not SNOOZE.
Shut it. My strings aren’t as young as they used to be.


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No Way

NOTE: This one has some…adult-leaning themes, but no pictures that would bother anyone… I hope 😉
I posted a few shots of my two Kenshin boys last night and got reactions I wasn’t expecting!

Well, Kenshin seemed to have enjoyed the attention, and so today this just sort of happened when he tried to talk to Battousai about it.
[In the event that anyone *doesn’t* know the Rurouni Kenshin story – well, Battousai is Kenshin 10 years before the story of the TV-version anime. Kenshin is trying to atone, in the anime, for what he was as Battousai. And that’s about as pared-down as I can make it.]
Oh, and late addition: Kenshin obviously confused in more way than one, because he thought the attention was directed toward Battousai!

Kenshin the elder is in Red. (He’s 29-30-ish)

Kenshin the younger — Battousai — is in blue. (he’s somewhere in the 15-16 year old range).
Thoughts are in italics.

Been a long time, been a long time,
Been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time…


Battousai. Did you see? People enjoyed the pictures the owner took of us. One young woman seems to have particularly enjoyed them, especially the ones of you, I think.
*blink* I was sleeping, you know

However, since I am fully awake now… That’s nice, but you know perfectly well I’m not interested, old man. And you can’t be serious. Who in her right mind would want monsters like US?

Killing machines like us cannot expect tenderness from others, Kenshin. I know you as well as I know myself. It’s all about the hunt, isn’t it, old man. Admit it. The stealthy approach, the burst of speed, the…
But it has been such a very long time since Kaoru-dono left.

A very long time indeed, and this one is only human.

Ha! Remember how it is, old man? Rushing forward, blood pounding in the ears…
Pounding … blood…

The rushing sound of steel through the air as we pull our sword..
Our sword. My sword. … My heart is pounding, that it is.

And don’t forget the scent. Close enough to smell the warmth of another body, knowing that soon, before he can even scream, he will smell of blood.
Yes. The scent.

This younger one has a wonderful scent….

*chuckles* Of course, it IS all only in the name of justice. But still… the fluttering of the heartbeat in that neck just before we make the head fly is SO very..
Ah yes, the neck.

The very delicious neck…


*blink* … ExCUSE me???

*blink* *gasp*
Kenshin pulls back hastily.

Battousai angrily brushes off Kenshin’s touch.

Dammit! You know I don’t fly that way! And neither do you!! Unless you and Sanosuke have been pulling something funny in the back corner while I’ve been TRYING to sleep. But I would know if that happened, don’t forget about THAT, old man.
No! no! this one is… not…. Uh…

Visibly flustered, they both turn away from each other.
Just. Don’t. EVER do that again!! NO. TOUCHIE. I may be you and you may be me but I’m still ten years younger than you. And not all beat to hell and gone. And I have TWO swords, and they’re sharp. And not reverse-blades.
He clears his throat before continuing.
Wouldn’t want to hurt you. Me. Um… us. By mistake, you know.
This one is… uh…
Utterly mortified?

Don’t “this one” to me either. It’s beneath you. Us.
A pause ensues.
Look, it’s not your fault, elder-san. You may be old, but you ain’t dead yet, apparently. But remember that I’m still part of you, like it or not.

We’re assassins, Kenshin. Killers. Don’t forget that. Nobody is going to change me. Us. It would be as pointless as trying to turn that Kyouzou dude who lives at The Ranch into a nice guy. There’s just no way.

Perhaps you are right, Battousai-dono. Perhaps you are right.
But… it has been a very long time.

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Felis Domesticus (Minimee Beast Vincent)


This is kind of a washed-out picture of him, but hey, why not.

He’s on an old Souldoll body right now but may well move to something larger… This is a very recent acquisition and project, Vincent from the TV Beauty and the Beast.

(Love Ron Perlman to smidgens!)

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