Something Fugly This Way Comes — Zelgadis and Friend!

By way of explanation:  Several of us who regularly swap tales of Doll decided to do a weekend of photoshoots on Den of Angels, around a common theme.  This theme was born from the warped minD of a close friend after we discussed the relative merits of a free wig we each had received — and decided that it was simply “fugly.”  ^_^

Zelgadis Greywords is my doll based on the character of the same name from the anime Slayers. He’s a Lovelyhouse Shin-Ma head atop a Fantasy Doll body, dyed and ornamented with his requisite stones by me.

Zel speaks in Teal.

We find Zelgadis deep in study, trying as usual to find some way to restore his body from the chimera created by his despised ancestor Rezo, the Red Priest.  This pursuit has consumed Zel nearly to the exclusion of anything else, ever since he was “made stronger.”



*sigh* I hate this body. I just hate it. I must be the most hideous creature on the planet.


Yo, Mr. Zel-dude! Why are you feeling so down?


Phear not, Zel-dude. I am Joe, the Leader of the Littles, and I’m here to tell you that you should not be sad! Be of good cheer! It could always be worse!!


You shouldn’t just pop in on people like that… Joe, was it? But… how? How could it be worse?
I’ll show you how, Mr. Zel-dude!


All you have to do is look into this handy Magic Mirror ™ and recite the Magic Words ™! Then you will see what you would look like if it were worse!
*dryly* You are kidding, right? …. *sigh* Ok, then, why not. Tell me the words.


I can’t believe I’m doing this. Ok…

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who’s the fugliest of them all?


WOAH! WOAH!…wait…!! .

And out of the mists of the Magic Mirror ™ appears the image of Zelgadis as he would be if it were even worse.  Or is it the Mirror at all???

You have GOT to be kidding me.


*giggle* Oh Santy-Zel Dude, can I have a pony for Christmas? I’ve been a good little demon…


Ho Ho Flipping Ho.


and a Fugly Omake, just for the occasion! 🙂

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Quat Gets Presents!

I had never taken part in one of the “swap” events that happen with great frequency at Den of Angels, but in honor of its sixth anniversary as a forum, I decided to join the DoA Birthday Swap.  I had a complete blast making goodies for my swap partner, a Soom tiny who enjoys smelting (!!).  But who to enter from this huge crew?  I decided on Quat, a Little Fee Pukisha who had seen very little attention thus far and was wearing hand-me-downs…

Quat received his goodie box on August 20 and immediately ran off with the spoils.  I finally caught up with him today.

Whatcha got there, little guy?

Oh this?  This is a really, really COOL ball of yarn that Mikan and her human Tenshi sent me in the swap package!!  It’s GOLD… and it sparkles!

And it’s MINE.
That is definitely cool.  What else came in the box, sweetheart?

CATNIP. *__*
Woah. Dude.  Better hide that from the big felines in the house…

No kidding!!  Well see, the note that came with the box said that this was to calm me down if I get too excited playing with the yarn.  But…hehehe… please don’t tell her that catnip makes me frisky! *blush*
Ok, we’ll keep that between us. But hey, what’s that you have on?

This is MY very own outfit!  Look at it!  A soft and fuzzy t-shirt and an awesome pair of overalls!
Hey those are great!  It looks like they fit you perfectly, too!
Yep, they do.  Now I can prrrrrowl in style!
Now just a minute, you tomQuat. Didn’t you forget to say something important?

Oh! Yeah!  Um, Thanks Mikan! Thanks Tenshi!  These are really nice things you sent — oh and I almost forgot all of the orange ribbons, too! Baakay says she likes those (and the big felines do too, so she hid them for now 😉 )  I really like everything a lot and this is my very first outfit that is all my own!
Thanks again!
and a PS from the Baakay – these are wonderfully made overalls and T-shirt too.  Love ’em!  Thanks from me too!

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There’s a RatT in the…

Today’s entertainment is brought to you by the mother-daughter combo of Baakay and Lizardbreath, and an assortment of their dolls.  Lizardbreath did photography, and I did what passes for a story (and some “creative” posing assistance).  Thanks also to our three cats, Strudel, Donut and Waffle, who helped too.

As usual, thoughts are in italics.  We’ll just identify the players as we proceed, mkay?


Leaf:  What do you mean there’s a Rat in the kitchen??  Do you REALLY expect me to fall for that crap again???  I’ve seen his picture, he’s living with JaySay at Gennii Drominda’s house now.  There’s nothing out there but some dead plastic bags.  Fool me once, shame on me….
Joe: No, No, LeafDude!!  I didn’t say he was in the KITCHEN! Follow me, and phear not!


Emperor Iruhi and some of his friends and minions are chatting with a friend from Aernath’s Ranch.  He’s been traveling around the western US for a number of months now, but the time has come for him to check out the new and improved Ranch! So a farewell party was in order.

Iruhi: I hope you’ve enjoyed it here, Sir Gratitian.  Eyphan, it was good of you to join us in wishing our visitor a safe trip home.

Eyphan:  That would be LORD Eyphan, cousin.  And of course I would attend such a distinguished visitor.
Leander: I could swear I sense demon in the area.  Or something similar…
From the direction of the dragon feet just behind him: *giggle*

RatT: Sir Gratitian is it now? My, my. Someone has his fantasy worlds confused.
Rosalie:  But Mr. RatT, may I ask you a question?

RatT: Of co..
Iruhi: OF COURSE you may ask Sir Gratitian a question, Rosalie! Isn’t that right, EYPHAN?
Roiben (whispering): They, um, don’t like each other very much.  You’ll get used to it.
Brandon:  I’m.  Not.  Touching yoooouuuu Mr. Demon Hunter….

Vncent: Remind me how I got into this place, again?  Talk about sibling rivalry!

Roiben:  SHUSH, Your Highness.  Go ahead and ask your question, Rosalie dear.
Rosalie: THANK YOU, Roiben. You’re a dear.  Now, Mr. RatT, I noticed something about you and all this time, well, I’ve been wondering if you’re ok…

Rosalie: It’s your horn, Mr. RatT.  It’s… missing.  It looks like it was broken off!  Does it… does it hurt you?

RatT:  *chuckles* Oh no, little one. It does not hurt me at all, but thank you for asking.  It’s just that…


Joe: Now, Little Dudes! Sing it! … It’s not that he’s hurt, it’s just that …

He left… his HOOOORRRRRRRN….


Leaf:  You have GOT to be KIDDING me!!!

Leaf: It’s… its YOU!  You RATbastard!!!
Vampire K: Yes, yes it definitely is… *____*

RatT:  Oh hello, Leaf.  I see that you’ve not changed.  Leaf?
Leaf: YEAH?
RatT:  Bite me.

VampK:  BITE you?  *gasp* Oh, MAY I??
RatT:  *groan*
Leaf:  I seriously! Do not! Believe you!  LOOK at you! you STILL have all the girls, even if it’s just a little one!!

V: *tap tap*  Excuse me…

Leaf: Eh?


Leaf:  Wait! What?  Who are …

Violette:  Shut UP for a second!  I’m Violette. Vi-o-LETTE. Don’t forget it.  And You! *poke* are NOT! *poke*  GOT IT, BUDDY? *poke*

Violette:  You WHINE! *poke* ALL the TIME! *poke* We’re TIRED of it! *poke* And I’m gonna be the one who FIXES it! *poke
Leaf:  Y-yes ma’am?

Leaf:  He- he- heh- Help?  🙂



I’ve half-fallen, and I can’t get up?

He doesn’t have a name yet, nor have I managed to get his stringing right or his sueding on…  But he plopped onto the carpet just like that and STAYED there forever while we were getting things set up 🙂

Thanks again to Lizardbreath for doing the hardest part …

And to Waffle (in back) and Strudel (in the thick of things)

and Donut (making sure Eyphan’s hair is “just so”)

…. for their supervisory puuurrrroww-ess! 😉

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New Guy Shows Off!

Friday evening, a thusfar nameless stranger came into our home. He spent much of the intervening time getting the lay of the land and fussing at me about his… well…

…. there was finally enough light today to take pictures of him.

HE will speak in brown.

The Baakay will speak in… um… gray? 😉 Whatever that color is…

New owner commentary in plain old black.


Alright alright, here I am. Take a picture.
This is nice for a start.

What, you are going to want more than this?
Of course I am. How can we show people what you look like otherwise?

Oh, hmmm. Hadn’t thought of that. And I suppose you’re going to leave this … this dead rodent … on my head.
Um, well, I’ll see if something else works. First of all, take your jacket off please.

Notes: NICE outfit. NICE face. NICE posing. AWFUL wig.
Really. The dark brown jacket and black pants are a yummy combo. Kudos on the design team for that. The shirt (see next shot) is interesting but a little too accessorized for my taste, but that’s just me.

Ok, no jacket. We good to go now?
Oh, right. Surely you jest.
You’re suggesting the shirt goes next, I’m going to guess.
Clever man.

Ok, I’ll do the shirt thing but on ONE condition.
Get the dead possum off your head?

[Rant ON]
So here’s the thing with this wig. It’s the PERFECT color combo for him. It really is. Looks like it ought to be full and silky and just fabulous in the promo pics and… it’s thin, it’s impossible to style and it looks terrible. Mind you this wig has been worn for ONE. DAY. ONLY.

Oh, and see the sticky-uppy part in the back? there’s a horizontal seam there and woe be unto you if you try to tame that. Not gonna work. I pondered the likelihood that I had the wig on backwards, which would put the unfinished darts behind his ears. But man, that looked even worse. Lordy what a pitiful excuse for a fullset topper.

*cough* but I digress…

Allrighty then. Shirt removal commencing.
(me: ………)

*clears throat* Thank you, dear. Now, um, it may not be The One but try this wig.
Cool. Thanks.

Notes: This really was the arms holding the shirt, and not the other way around. Elbows are double-jointed. Minimal motion available in upper torso joint.

Ok, don’t tell me. These next.
Of course!
It’s ok, my feet are too warm in here anyway.

Note. Awesome boots are…. AWESOME.
Seriously. I want these boots on my husband. Now. Thank you.

AHHHH better. *wiggles toes in the soft rug*

Note: Nice feet. Really nice feet. Beats heck out of the old 70 cm feet with the horrible toenails!

And now… it’s nekked time!
So I’m way ahead of you here. Figure I might as well take the whole shebang off.
Except the belt?
Well… then I’m not completely naked?

Note: So here you have it.. double jointed knees very nicely done for the standing position. Absolutely delightful body sculpt. Um, but compared to his elder brethren the original 70 cm boys? suprisingly … light on the… um. Junk. We’re not talking DoC boy, here, but still, I was surprised.

So will this work? Nobody will be too freaked?
Nope, this works fine.

Notes: Those knees are truly strange-looking when out of pants and bent. However, they will do some impressive poses! Also in this shot: nicely veined hands, and you can see that the lower torso joint has some useful flexibility as well, both forward and backward.

And finally, like all tan resin this will rub some at the joints. However, I’m really impressed with the finishing. Not a seam to be found and no uneven marks or sanding marks or anything like that.

I hope you enjoyed!

Oh! ETA: The reason he didn’t take the belt off is I didn’t want to have to figure out how to put it ON again. It’s got a snap closure, but neither at the end, nor in a spot where it will stay UP… so I kind of did a karate-belt sort of twist around itself and snapped it shut.
Neat belt, but I wish they’d put a user manual in there… 😉

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A Christmas Present

It’s been a crazy-busy time here at the home of the Bunch, and it’s been forever since we’ve seen Kenshin and company. But special occasions call for… special occasions.

Kenshin speaks in red
Kaoru speaks in pink
Battousai speaks in blue
Thoughts are in italics
Random comments from the peanut gallery are in black

Please enjoy our little interlude!

Yes, Kenshin?
You look lovely with the lights shining on your face, that you do.
Why thank you, Kenshin.

In fact, you look so lovely that you make this one want to do something, right now, without waiting another moment.

Oh? And what exactly would that be, silly boy? Dare I ask?
* chuckle *

Come here a bit closer and I’ll show you.

[whispering] How about this?
Oh! Mmmmmmmmmm…….

Meanwhile, someone on his way to find a midnight snack has wandered halfway into the room.

Well, well, what have we here? I seem to be in the right place at the right time tonight…

You GO, old man. She seems to be enjoying her Christmas kiss too, judging from what I see..

Who knew he had it in him? Hmm, I guess tomorrow we’ll be hearing “I came upon a midnight clear” or something, eh? …. Guess I’d better beat a quiet retreat before I’m spotted.

Merry Christmas, old man.

Thanks for looking, and I hope your holidays have been happy!

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Tiny Terror!

It’s Halloween and some of the littles are sitting around getting acquainted. It’s really sad when you don’t even have your new name yet and you’ve been here awhile… On top of that, there have been a dozen doll projects going on at once here. Restorations (some more successful than others), dye-jobs, and restringings…


New Guy speaks in Red.
Joe speaks in Black.
ChibiGo speaks in, what else, Orange!

Miko speaks in, uh… tan? whatever this color is 😉
Thoughts in italics.

DUDE. Is this what happens to you if you piss her off??
Phear not, New Dude! Be of good cheer, and stuff! All will come out in the wash, or something.
Oh man. This is NOTHING. You shoulda seen where I used to live, at the Ranch. Heads motoring around on bottles, sitting on bunnies, guys having their heads flushed down the toilet… Ahhh yes those were the good old days!
Um… hee hee… yes! I think this New Guy may be demonic. Should I be getting out the magic seals?

And that’s all from here!
Candy ahoy!

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Fall Elves

The chief resin wrangler of the Baakay Bunch (that would be me, yes) has been suffering this or that malady – some mild, some anything but mild – since mid-July, pretty much non-stop. And therefore, photography has been pretty much full stop. That hasn’t prevented the Bunch from growing and changing, though; and even though the Kenshingumi have been on hiatus, the elves of the household have been getting louder and louder.

And.. ok, so have certain other parties (“We haven’t even SEEN him yet!”) So in spite of less than perfect lighting conditions we bowed to the inevitable and took pictures of the pointier-eared denizens this afternoon. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing them again, or in many cases meeting them for the first time!

When I speak directly to these critters, I do so in blue.

It’s inevitable. About this time every year the sun starts angling behind those mountains to our west a little earlier, and a little farther south, every day. Oh, the stubborn old trees still pretend it’s summer, but in a few days even they will give up their robust green and live up to the season’s name.


Beneath the trees, Emperor Iruhi has assembled his subjects. Only the Littles, too energetic to sit still for a portrait, have stayed inside, in the playroom.


The bright sun creates harsh contrasts and warms the group despite the autumn chill. They sit patiently while the photographer struggles to find a balance – and while the aspens and cottonwoods add their contributions to the scene.


The Emperor, on the left, clears his throat and speaks in his usual imperious tones.

Iruhi: I am the Emperor Iruhi, and these are my subjects, in whom I am well pleased. They will now be identified by our mistress, who has brought us together. And as some of these have yet to take a name, I will instruct her to inform you of their type-names, so that you will know them.

As you wish, Your Greatness. Anything to make you happy.
Iruhi: Of course. You may proceed.

* sigh * He’s quite insufferable but nevertheless I love him dearly.
Well, to proceed… Iruhi is a DZ Wing. To his left is our new friend, a Unidoll UH-08. He hasn’t told us his name yet, but it seems that he is a rare breed, of French descent.

Roiben, on the left, has served as bodyguard to Iruhi for several years now. He is a Unidoll Feanor head on a modded DZ 70cm body.

Today Roiben has been introducing our newest family member to life with the Bunch. This elegant and lovely fellow seems a match for Iruhi in terms of haughtiness – he is a DZ Quinn, but this is all we know of him so far.

On the far right here is Sly. At least that’s what he calls himself at this point – but he can’t seem to decide whether he’s a redhead or a… greenhead. He’s a DiM elf on an older Souldoll body.

To Sly’s right (our left) are two long-standing members of the Baakay Bunch, Ember (Luts/Delf Tan Dark Elf Soo) and Zelgadis Greywords (Lovelyhouse Shin-ma on Dollkot F-to-M body).

Shimmer: Hey! What about US? * pout *
I’ll get to you, honey, just be patient.

Lovely Miss Ember has been highly sought-after since coming to live with us. One of her human friends, Leaf, thought he might hit it off with her, but for some reason she and Zelgadis seem to enjoy each other’s company quite a lot. Ember is very quiet but we do know that she doesn’t like sweaty men. Her presence seems to be getting about the closest thing to a smile we’ve seen on Zel’s face in a long time.


Zel may be getting a run for his money soon, though. I noticed the tall tan gentleman in the back taking a good look at Ember. And to Ember’s right (our left) is yet another glorious tan elf, the recently-arrived Volks Irvin. – ah, see? now Zel’s frowning again. That’s more like normal.

Zelgadis: Of course. How is a hideous chimera with stone skin supposed to compete with THAT?
Zel, love, some day we have to have a talk about beauty and beholder’s eyes. Seriously.

Well our Irvin hasn’t revealed much about himself… except when he first sat down in his yukata. That was altogether too revealing for some of us…

On the far left, of course, is Count D, another member of the local royalty (Migidoll Ryu vamp on AoD body).

Count D: Begging the madam’s pardon, but strictly speaking I am not royalty – the “Count” was my grandfather who opened our pet shop. Nor am I an actual elf. Rather, I am a separate species called …
Hush, silly boy. You look just like your grandfather to me, so Count D you are. And you DO have the most delightfully pointed little ears, so I wanted you in this picture. Behave, and you’ll get chocolate after we’re done.
Count D: * gleam *


Shimmer: About time!
Hey cranky, what has gotten into you today?

Well here are the mini-elves. These are some of our first housemates and are highly beloved in spite of their cough occasional bouts of attitude. On the left is Kobi (short for Kobito), my little “beauty green” Kid Delf Ttory. He’s the only one of the Baakay Bunch to ever have made an extended stay at someone else’s house, and he considers his little green self to be quite the world traveler.

Front and center is Rosalie, a Serendipity Sharmin. She’s serene and loving and delightful, and forgiving of everything (even neglect!)

Next is Ivy. She’s a Dreamcreator Safi head on a modded DiM Odelia Type 1 body (sigh). We’re forever in search of the perfect body for her, and some day will find it. Meanwhile, for years now she’s been keeping the boys in line and keeping Rosalie company.

And yes, Shimmer, then there’s you! Shimmer was our very first elf. He’s a Kid Delf Ani elf head on a DZ body and yes, he’s a BOY thank you very much… He’s gone through a number of faceups

Shimmer: really BAD ones, too, that you did. Geez.
Yes, but you’re awesome now, aren’t you, my little silver friend.
Shimmer: Yes. Of course.

Well that’s the crew. Hope you’ve enjoyed them. I still don’t know exactly why Shimmer was so cranky today…

Kobi: I do! ^_^


Hehehe… one of our former roomies, Kai, has relocated. He left behind the Aernath Hat, though. It seems that Kobi has snagged it.

Thanks for looking!

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Asobu on the Road

My two girls (Lizardbreath and Jennifer “The Bug”) and I visited my father
west of Cleveland, Ohio in late July. I decided to take one of my crew with me,
and Asobu – a Little Fee Shiwoo – not only fit in my carry-on but hasn’t
been shown to the public yet. He had a ball! Dad didn’t quite get
the BJD concept but artistic stepmom loved him.

(Note: my oh-so-clever Photoshop batch processing action had a typo in it…

and as a result, the pictures ended up half size, and some unusable.
I apologize for the lack of detail that ensued).


Hi! I’m Asobu, one of the newest guys living with the Baakay Bunch.
My name means “play” in Japanese! I’m here at the Denver
International Airport with my humans, waiting
for our plane to Cleveland.

I’m supposed to say hi to Aernath. Apparently it’s a requirement
that we get our picture taken in the airport window!

Hey, Lizardbreath! Are you excited to go on the plane too?

Well, I’m pretty sure Bug over here is excited. What do you think?

Here we are in the house! There are lots of fun things
to look at here – Baakay’s stepmom likes to have toys, too!
This guy in the glasses is Roger. He’s named after
Baakay’s dad, I think. That was his original name.

And hey, check out THIS bear! He’s HUGE!!

Friendly, too.


Hey, they have a swimming pool here, too! Here I am
doing some sun bathing on the deck while Bug and Lizardbreath
get silly in the pool. What? Oh, Baakay says they’re
always silly. Hee…

Oh check this out! There’s a hummingbird next to the pole
there. There are a bunch of them that live here and
wow do they ever make a lot of noise! They came and
fluttered around my head one afternoon while I sat there.
Very cool!

Now! See that water behind me? That’s Lake Erie!
At our house we have this lake – well I think you’ve seen that
Battousai guy walking near it. I thought it was pretty big.

But THIS! is HUGE!

We can’t even see the other side!

I’m glad I’m up here on this big log. There are some Really Really Big
Waves today!! ….ok, there goes one… Baakay says they’re only
little ripples, but to me they’re pretty big. What do I know, have
I ever been to a Great Lake before?

Woah! another one!! EEEEeeee!

Here I am out on this big breakwater thing. I swam out
here by myself!! …. Ok, not really. 😉 Baakay carried me.
There’s a guy on the other side, fishing while standing
up to his chest in lake!

And waaay, waaay down on the other side of that point
is Cleveland! But you can’t see it because it’s too far
away and it’s cloudy today.

So, let me see if I remember this right. I read up on the
way out here that the Great Lakes were made by glaciers.
And the rock that’s all around them is sandstone. We’re
down at the bottom of a sandstone cliff, and I’m sitting on
part of a layer… a stratum. I really wanted to
climb up to the top!

Buuuut it’s kind of big for me. (That’s me in the red circle)

On the way back we saw this. Leaf told me that if I saw
a fountain I should ask to get a picture taken in front
of it. I’m not sure why…

Hey I found another one! This is the fountain
in the front yard. Looks like the stupid fish
is spitting on my head.

Well, it’s almost time for me to go home now, but I wanted
a picture of me with these flowers. For some reason
they made me think of Miss Lir.

That’s it! I wish Baakay hadn’t killed the pictures,
because they were pretty cool looking before. But
at least you get the idea.

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My labor of love continues. Ruroni Kenshin is, of course, by Watsuki Nobuhiro, and the characters my dolls portray are his original creations. I have taken quite a bit of liberty with the world in which they now live, but it’s safe to say that my dolls herein are meant as a tribute to what I consider an absolute masterpiece of storytelling.

The last time we saw the Battousai, he and Sanosuke were wondering What Comes Next … (Ok, well Sano had a pretty decent idea.) 😉 Later on, Battousai spends some time by himself, walking and pondering. He finds himself near the small pond just to our east.

Huh. What was it that Sanosuke said to me, again? That maybe someday I would change my mind about having a woman in my life. And that he didn’t understand why I’m an assassin in the first place, because all he gets from the old man is a vow that he’ll never kill again.

Well I don’t know why the old man went soft, but… Oh! Will you look at that.

Three of them.

The remains of three dead trees. Just like the three headstones I found for the three dead girls – all of us sold for slaves.

Cut down before my eyes, their very blood splattering over me, and I not more than a small boy. How can a child see something like that and not be changed?

That was our life under a rotten government, when the wealthy and powerful did anything they liked to the rest of us. If not for my swordmaster I’d have been under the fourth marker. I couldn’t save the three girls, but by all the gods, I could do something to change the times, I just had to.

And so I became an assassin, to cut out the evil and the rot, even though Hiten Mitsurugi is meant to be the sword that protects.

Do they really think I enjoy killing, even though I do it so well? Or… do I? I know that others have had the scent of blood claim their hearts… Am I such a monster?

And even if I am not, how could one such as I take a woman to love, without losing my edge? No, Sanosuke. It is my place to remain focused and stealthy. I can only exist in the shadows of this life.

I cannot risk exposing someone else to the demon that I have become.

Even though I sometimes am lonely..

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What Comes Next

The last time we saw Kenshin, he was about to kiss Kaoru for the first time in a year. Battousai and Sanosuke had both left, in that order, each understanding that their company was not needed.

We find Battousai in the back yard.

Battousai speaks in blue. Sanosuke speaks in black. Thoughts are in italics.


I need to stay strong. Events are still in flux. The poor still suffer at the hands of the rich and powerful.

If even one life can be made better by my sword… even one… then I MUST!



*rustle rustle*

*rustle rustle rustle*

Yo, Ken-


Don’t creep up behind me unless you’re hoping to die.

*plops, weak-kneed, onto the seat*
By all the gods, man, I think you just shortened my life by 10 years!

*Battousai seats himself beside the still-stunned Sanosuke*
You should know better than to approach an assassin from the rear. Especially one with his sword unsheathed. But… sorry…

And do NOT call me “Kenshin.” I am NOT that man.
Very well, “Battousai-SAN.” But it’s not as though it’s meant as an insult. Kenshin is one of the finest men I’ve ever known.

Feh! Finest men. He’s an old man who is more concerned with the LAUNDRY than with standing up for what is right. And did you see him sniveling over that woman? — You did bring her back, yes?

Indeed I did, Battousai. And there were some fine sparks flying when I left ‘em. I suspect there’s good stuff going on right now. *chuckle*
Good grief, Sanosuke. Of all the things. What can she possibly see in him?
Oh, many things. The little missy cares for Kenshin very much. She understands him, and admires his strength.


And don’t forget that she IS a young woman, and Kenshin does have a fine body, and it HAS been a long time since they’ve seen each other, and…
WHAT? And just how would you know that the old man has a fine body, eh? Don’t tell me you WERE fooling around with him in the back corner?

IDIOT. You don’t suppose I might have had to help bind his wounds just once or twice? *tsk*

I’ll tell you what, though, that Kaoru is a happy lady right about now. And after watching her and listening to her talk about Kenshin on the trip home I can promise you that Kenshin is one very, very lucky man. Boy, is he ever!


I’ve never known two people to love each other as much as those two do. Someday maybe you’ll understand, Ken- Sorry, Battousai.
Hrmph. I doubt it. I have no time for women. And no interest in them, either. OR in men, thanks.

Maybe so, Battousai-san. Maybe so. But that’s not the case for your older self! *grin*


*fade to black*

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