Fall Elves

The chief resin wrangler of the Baakay Bunch (that would be me, yes) has been suffering this or that malady – some mild, some anything but mild – since mid-July, pretty much non-stop. And therefore, photography has been pretty much full stop. That hasn’t prevented the Bunch from growing and changing, though; and even though the Kenshingumi have been on hiatus, the elves of the household have been getting louder and louder.

And.. ok, so have certain other parties (“We haven’t even SEEN him yet!”) So in spite of less than perfect lighting conditions we bowed to the inevitable and took pictures of the pointier-eared denizens this afternoon. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing them again, or in many cases meeting them for the first time!

When I speak directly to these critters, I do so in blue.

It’s inevitable. About this time every year the sun starts angling behind those mountains to our west a little earlier, and a little farther south, every day. Oh, the stubborn old trees still pretend it’s summer, but in a few days even they will give up their robust green and live up to the season’s name.


Beneath the trees, Emperor Iruhi has assembled his subjects. Only the Littles, too energetic to sit still for a portrait, have stayed inside, in the playroom.


The bright sun creates harsh contrasts and warms the group despite the autumn chill. They sit patiently while the photographer struggles to find a balance – and while the aspens and cottonwoods add their contributions to the scene.


The Emperor, on the left, clears his throat and speaks in his usual imperious tones.

Iruhi: I am the Emperor Iruhi, and these are my subjects, in whom I am well pleased. They will now be identified by our mistress, who has brought us together. And as some of these have yet to take a name, I will instruct her to inform you of their type-names, so that you will know them.

As you wish, Your Greatness. Anything to make you happy.
Iruhi: Of course. You may proceed.

* sigh * He’s quite insufferable but nevertheless I love him dearly.
Well, to proceed… Iruhi is a DZ Wing. To his left is our new friend, a Unidoll UH-08. He hasn’t told us his name yet, but it seems that he is a rare breed, of French descent.

Roiben, on the left, has served as bodyguard to Iruhi for several years now. He is a Unidoll Feanor head on a modded DZ 70cm body.

Today Roiben has been introducing our newest family member to life with the Bunch. This elegant and lovely fellow seems a match for Iruhi in terms of haughtiness – he is a DZ Quinn, but this is all we know of him so far.

On the far right here is Sly. At least that’s what he calls himself at this point – but he can’t seem to decide whether he’s a redhead or a… greenhead. He’s a DiM elf on an older Souldoll body.

To Sly’s right (our left) are two long-standing members of the Baakay Bunch, Ember (Luts/Delf Tan Dark Elf Soo) and Zelgadis Greywords (Lovelyhouse Shin-ma on Dollkot F-to-M body).

Shimmer: Hey! What about US? * pout *
I’ll get to you, honey, just be patient.

Lovely Miss Ember has been highly sought-after since coming to live with us. One of her human friends, Leaf, thought he might hit it off with her, but for some reason she and Zelgadis seem to enjoy each other’s company quite a lot. Ember is very quiet but we do know that she doesn’t like sweaty men. Her presence seems to be getting about the closest thing to a smile we’ve seen on Zel’s face in a long time.


Zel may be getting a run for his money soon, though. I noticed the tall tan gentleman in the back taking a good look at Ember. And to Ember’s right (our left) is yet another glorious tan elf, the recently-arrived Volks Irvin. – ah, see? now Zel’s frowning again. That’s more like normal.

Zelgadis: Of course. How is a hideous chimera with stone skin supposed to compete with THAT?
Zel, love, some day we have to have a talk about beauty and beholder’s eyes. Seriously.

Well our Irvin hasn’t revealed much about himself… except when he first sat down in his yukata. That was altogether too revealing for some of us…

On the far left, of course, is Count D, another member of the local royalty (Migidoll Ryu vamp on AoD body).

Count D: Begging the madam’s pardon, but strictly speaking I am not royalty – the “Count” was my grandfather who opened our pet shop. Nor am I an actual elf. Rather, I am a separate species called …
Hush, silly boy. You look just like your grandfather to me, so Count D you are. And you DO have the most delightfully pointed little ears, so I wanted you in this picture. Behave, and you’ll get chocolate after we’re done.
Count D: * gleam *


Shimmer: About time!
Hey cranky, what has gotten into you today?

Well here are the mini-elves. These are some of our first housemates and are highly beloved in spite of their cough occasional bouts of attitude. On the left is Kobi (short for Kobito), my little “beauty green” Kid Delf Ttory. He’s the only one of the Baakay Bunch to ever have made an extended stay at someone else’s house, and he considers his little green self to be quite the world traveler.

Front and center is Rosalie, a Serendipity Sharmin. She’s serene and loving and delightful, and forgiving of everything (even neglect!)

Next is Ivy. She’s a Dreamcreator Safi head on a modded DiM Odelia Type 1 body (sigh). We’re forever in search of the perfect body for her, and some day will find it. Meanwhile, for years now she’s been keeping the boys in line and keeping Rosalie company.

And yes, Shimmer, then there’s you! Shimmer was our very first elf. He’s a Kid Delf Ani elf head on a DZ body and yes, he’s a BOY thank you very much… He’s gone through a number of faceups

Shimmer: really BAD ones, too, that you did. Geez.
Yes, but you’re awesome now, aren’t you, my little silver friend.
Shimmer: Yes. Of course.

Well that’s the crew. Hope you’ve enjoyed them. I still don’t know exactly why Shimmer was so cranky today…

Kobi: I do! ^_^


Hehehe… one of our former roomies, Kai, has relocated. He left behind the Aernath Hat, though. It seems that Kobi has snagged it.

Thanks for looking!

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