Tiny Terror!

It’s Halloween and some of the littles are sitting around getting acquainted. It’s really sad when you don’t even have your new name yet and you’ve been here awhile… On top of that, there have been a dozen doll projects going on at once here. Restorations (some more successful than others), dye-jobs, and restringings…


New Guy speaks in Red.
Joe speaks in Black.
ChibiGo speaks in, what else, Orange!

Miko speaks in, uh… tan? whatever this color is 😉
Thoughts in italics.

DUDE. Is this what happens to you if you piss her off??
Phear not, New Dude! Be of good cheer, and stuff! All will come out in the wash, or something.
Oh man. This is NOTHING. You shoulda seen where I used to live, at the Ranch. Heads motoring around on bottles, sitting on bunnies, guys having their heads flushed down the toilet… Ahhh yes those were the good old days!
Um… hee hee… yes! I think this New Guy may be demonic. Should I be getting out the magic seals?

And that’s all from here!
Candy ahoy!

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