All Doll Closeups: Shelf Three!

After some rearranging, dust removal and hair combing (of varying degrees of success) we’re ready to resume our trek through the Baakay Bunch. Welcome to Shelf Three, where most of the Mini-sized bjds hang out.  Many of these are among the first dolls I ever purchased.

Shelf Three01

For the tour, I needed a volunteer to sit in the foreground so that we could see them all.  Shien, being the lounge lizard that he is, sighed and stretched out on the mat.  Personally, I know he just wanted to show off his lovely legs, but we won’t call him on it, ok?

The other reason Shien doesn’t mind hanging out in front is that he’s currently wearing The Hat, and wants to show it off.  The Hat has had a long and storied history at our house; it came with someone or other in a box from Aernath’s Ranch and became the object of much covetation (is that even a word?) almost instantly.  Shien claimed it, but it’s forever being stolen by one or another of the other boys.  Case in point:

Shelf Three04

Shelf Three05

On the left we have the Grand Old Man of my collection, my first full doll, purchased in July of 2006. (My DZ Shuang head, currently in the parts box, preceded him by a few days). Yuki is a WS Dollzone Meigi who I purchased from a Denver collector who allowed me to come pick him up in person.  She showed me how to change eyes, how to get at the strings, gave me directions to Denver Doll (back at their old location) and generally started me down this yellow brick road.  On my way home he told me his name was Yuki (he once was VERY white) and I have never looked back. I still get that feeling of perfection every time I pick him up.

Next to him and going for the steal is Kai, a normal skin Dollzone Mo of more recent vintage but still on a type 1 body.  Kai is not the original Kai.  The original Kai was also a Mo and had a slightly more sinister look about him.   I swapped him for a DZ Leo.  Later down the road I realized I missed Kai; and having obtained a Big Kai (SD-sized Mo) in the interim someone on DoA and I did a Mo-for-Mo swap. So we once again have Kai.  And he’s no more respectful of The Hat than his predecessor was!

On the right is Hiten M. Ryu, who I purchased from DoA’s amazing Cenarius seven years ago this month (wow…really? time flies by…).  He’s a tan type 1 DZ Meigi with a wonderful tattoo and a rather cynical attitude, by and large.  I actually think that Shien is wearing the black pleather hot pants and boots that were Hiten’s original outfit; right now both Hiten and Kai (I think) are wearing Aernath shirts :).  All three DZ boys are wearing Diverse Designs pants; at the time they were just about the only pants available with long enough legs!

In front, of course, is the lovely Shien, a beloved old Minifee Shiwoo.  Shien’s head came to me as an elf-modded sleeping face; I later restored the ears to human shape and opened his eyes.  He’s such a love – my elder daughter still tries to wheedle him from me every so often but no way ;).  By the way, his wonderful necklace was a present from Hobbywhelmed (we swapped tonnage of dolls and doll stuff way back) and I believe the earring might have been, as well.  Oh, and he’s wearing The Hat… for now…

Shelf Three06

Here we have the beginnings of my elf obsession! 🙂  Ivy, on the left, is a DreamsCreator Safi head on a DoC body.  Safi was a limited edition of 55 heads of which two live at my house (my elder daughter has the other).  This particular Safi had somehow ended up with some uneven eye modding, a fact I didn’t notice until the first time I attempted a new faceup on her.  No matter what I did I couldn’t get any set of eyes to look good in her.  Finally I gave up and modded her eyes into a smaller but more regular shape.  And in proof that middle-aged eyes don’t see things they used to, I swear she didn’t have those stray hairs there when I took the picture!

Next to her is Shimmer, or Shim for short.  Ahh my cranky baby.  He’s a CP Ani Elf on another type 1 DZ body.  This poor boy hates me for all the bad wigs and awful looks I inflicted on him during his first few months here. (I mean really, does he look like a pink boy to you?)  He’s also always a little peeved that he didn’t end up with The Hat on a permanent basis.

Shelf Three11

Shelf Three08

Next to Shim are my two as yet mostly-unnamed Featherfall Iruhis.  There is no end of fun explaining that I have three Iruhis, all three of which came from Featherfall, but one of which is a DZ Wing! Yeah.  The brown Iruhi was purchased during Featherfall’s final order period for them because I wanted one who would wear those outlandish but wonderful pookah ears.  The gray guy next to him is informally known as “mini-Zerix” and was the very first dark grey Iruhi made. Because he was more or less the test case, my pictures of him served as the sample on Featherfall’s site for a few weeks while the first full order came in.  There was just enough time elapsed between the two that we have the same head but two different bodies.

Shelf Three11

The right side of Shelf Three is your basic smorgasbord of random guys and girls.  There’s no real theme to them aside from “ooh Shiny!” from present and past.

Shelf Three09

Next to “Mini-Zerix” are Pietr, Meredith, and He Who Once Was Yahiko But Needs A New Name.  Pietr came in my first wave of dolly frenzy.  He’s a Domuya Yang, Jr. who has been a good sport through thick, thin, bad faceups and sharp objects  (he once wore a very, very awful outfit and balanced against the scissors handles for a shoot.  We called it “Dancing With Scissors.”).  Domuya resin from that period of time yellowed like MAD. … Pietr has been through a couple of restoration attempts and came out much better for it.  I bought the DoC outfit (Kirill, maybe? I forget) from the Marketplace a few years ago and he just glommed onto it even though it is a bit large on him.  So be it.  After Dancing With Scissors he can wear whatever he likes!

Meredith, in the middle, is a Batchix Lagoon who was a lovely birthday 2012 gift from the one and only Alien Bean, Onomatopeia.  It is an oddity to me that while many of my dolls refuse to reveal their names, Meredith was quite firm about it and about the fact that she wanted THAT wig, thank you very much. I really need to find her a clothing look that suits her better, but she does like that little dress from Aernath a lot.  (I’m serious… we have swapped a LOT of doll stuff over the years!).

The tan Minifee Chiwoo started out as a normal skin Chiwoo. Then his former owner modded on elf ears and gave him a dye job that, if I remember correctly, she wasn’t happy with.  Someone pointed him out to me and since Elf Ears R Us I had no choice but to adopt him.  He eventually had an ear docking and a second tanning experience and was, for a short time, in the Kenshingumi as my Myojin Yahiko — but the scale of a minifee even to Elfdoll Reds was just off.  I found a more suitable Yahiko and now Mr. Chiwoo awaits his new name. Whoever he is, he still has a Forever Home with me.

Shelf Three10

The final two on this shelf are evidence that the Baakay Tinkers With Dolls.  A Lot. 🙂  The young lady on the left is a Serendipity Alice – a very old Serendipity Alice head who has been at various times of either gender, faceupped nicely and/or horribly, modded and unmodded, and in the end is a Serendipity Alice on a similar-vintage Serendipity girl body.  Much played with and loved even though nameless.

And finally we have Pietr’s long lost cousin, a Domuya Zen, Jr. head on a Mirodoll mini body.  Talk about both ends of a spectrum; the head is OLD and the body only a few months old and purchased specifically for him.  When the Alien Bean took the original ALL DOLL picture, this guy was dressed in a Miniorient hakama set which he practically swam in; Onomatopeia called him “Grunge Kenshin” and it may well have stuck.  For the interim and until I alter that hakama a bit, I wanted to show off his lovely biceps.  Mini-Zen suffers from the same wonky eye socket issue his larger version has; they seem too wide and too deep for his head.  Eventually, I intend to work on his eyes and re-blush his head (note that light tan was NOT the best choice of Mirodoll resin to match an old, yellowed Domuya head.).

And that’s it for this installment of All Doll.  Yuki thanks you for your attention during this particular trip down Memory Lane!

Shelf Three12


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