All Doll Closeups – Shelf Two

We continue on our journey into the uncharted waters which comprise the Baakay Bunch, south to Shelf Two (ok, not precisely south so much as below, but you get the idea).  On this shelf we have a bit of everything; elf, human, hooved creatures and a couple of cyborgs for good measure.

Shelf Two 02

Shelf Two 04

Shelf Two 03

These two elves are Halfallen Downe, on the left, and Livingston on the right.  Halfallen is one of the many pointy-eared friends I’ve adopted from Achsfan over the years I’ve been in the hobby.  He is a modded DZ Cloud, now a discontinued sculpt but one of my favorites.  His name came about shortly after he moved in. In August 2010, while we were setting up for a photostory I plopped him down as he was and  he just stood there, like a rock, in this position, for at least half an hour with people and cats and other dolls moving all over the place around him.


Halfallen 03

We captioned it “I’ve half-fallen, and I can’t get up?” and the name stuck.  Not only did it stick, but one of my Lord of the Rings Online characters, a Rune-Keeper, was named Halfallen Downe and designed to look as much like this handsome devil as possible – in a reversal of the usual “I have a character and now I’m going to shell him in resin” routine.

Livingston is a Doll Family Zi Lou head that arrived at my house via Fishcake, either as part of a trade or completely as a surprise (there have been both). He ended up on a Resinsoul Long body.  When I first put him together he was wearing a long white lab coat-looking thing and the straw hat, which is not meant to be pulled down at the brim like a pith helmet, but there it was.  I looked at him and said “Dr. Livingston, I presume?” and so he has remained.  (I’m sure I  shouldn’t add that he’s quite taken with Tmar’s friend Cirrus.  Cirrus’ main squeeze has sharp swords that I would hate to meet on a dark night).


Shelf Two 05

Shelf Two 06

Next we have Emperor Iruhi (DZ Wing) and an as-yet-unnamed Soom Heliot.  Now, many people know the Featherfall Iruhi mini with the big ears. This guy was the first Iruhi -also named after the character in Apis Teicher’s first novel.  When I decided that I needed a Wing in December 2007, Apis (the owner of Featherfall) allowed me to purchase her Iruhi because I had fallen in love with his snarky, superior smirk.  He’s another one whose faceup has turned very yellow with age, but frankly the lighting makes him look a lot yellower than he actually is.

The Heliot is a more recent arrival, and has no name yet. I can blame him on Fishcake, as well, as she spied the sales thread for his head and sicced me on it.  I consider Heliot one of the most beautiful sculpts ever made – and the gorgeous  blue and black top made by Xtal really brings that out.  As does the bizarro lighting down here, which turns him blue in general.


Shelf Two 07

Shelf Two 08

The penultimate guy on the back row of Shelf Two is a Dollshe Hound in the process of being transformed into Vampire Hunter D.  When I bought my very first doll ever from a local collector in 2006, she also introduced me to her other doll, a Hound on the original body.  I thought he was amazing but at the time I was terrified of how huge he was and figured the DZ Megi mini was quite large enough for me, thank you.  When Dollshe had their big half-price sale in… 2012? I was pondering getting one and Xtal said something like “in paleskin he could be, oh I don’t know, any old dhampir” — and it was all over but the flinging of cash. 🙂  He’s had a Bad Hair Day today as I was moving him around and changing his clothes, and I obviously didn’t get him groomed up properly again.  Oops.

And then we have Tang – Tangetsu, or Tangetsugo as he used to be called back when he lived at Aernath’s Ranch.  He’s a tan Iplehouse Soo-Ri on the muscle body, a fact I forget because he looks so little like her Ichigo, who is synonymous with Soo-Ri in my brain.  Tang took my breath away from the moment Aernath put him together, and for years I would tell her “if you EVER decide it’s time for him to leave, let me know first.”  And she did. Tang is based very loosely on the character Zangetsu from the anime Bleach – very loosely in particular because anime-Zangetsu is bone white. This here is a tan-Zangetsu, or Tangetsu!

“I must be in the front row…”

Shelf Two 10

Shelf Two 09

In the front row we begin with Zerix Cinerious (“Zerix the Gray One” as he translates it) and Rosalie Woodmund, the two main characters from my 2011 NaNoWriMo effort.  Zerix is a Boy & Girl Old World Colorara Mlezzlir who I snagged the second the order period came up.  HAD to have him.  Zerix, who is now well over six hundred years old, started life as a slight but powerful woodsman who looked surprisingly like Boris from Shelf One (hey, I needed a model!).  But after some unwelcome interference he found himself transformed into an equally slight but even stronger – lethal, even – weapon.  And nosir, he does not like it.

Rosalie Woodmund is, obviously, a very old Serendipity Sharmin.  I’ve had her forever and a day, and she was beginning to assert her own personality before Zerix showed up.  However, in 2011 she revealed her family name and part of her hitherto unknown past to me.  Turns out she was actually a Ph.D. student and a worker in an academic library (shameless autobiographical tricks for building up word count, anyone?) when she finally discovered the passageway into the atrium of (one of the big academic libraries I used to work in) — and suddenly she found herself falling into a strange place, landing on top of a very surly gray elf who was hard enough to cause her to pass out. It was only after she woke up that she realized she was now in a body much, much smaller than her human one, and that she had elf ears, to boot.

Shelf Two 11

Shelf Two 12

Staring at them intently is Angus – a Unidoll UH-08 in French resin, the first elf doll I knew without question that I HAD to own, no question about it. I think it took me three tries over two years before I finally, actually landed one and got him home and boy was he worth the wait.  Old, yellowed, single-jointed and all, this guy is an heirloom.  He’s wearing several pieces of the Featherfall “Timestream” LE outfit, of which Boris up on the top shelf has the rest.  Angus, it turned out, is one of the leaders of the coalition of elves and humans fighting a war against a faction of racist humans who are trying to exterminate the elves – basically he’s Zerix’s bossman.  There’s much more to Angus than meets the eye, including a huge amount of political power.

Finally, here are the last two groupings on this shelf; Things With Hooves and Cyborg Girls.

Shelf Two 13

Shelf Two 14

Mr. Bronze and Orange here is Sam, an Impldoll Sam.  There was just something about the Sam face that said “you need me!” to me.  And besides, I always wanted someone who could pull off The Other Wig – another one of those squirrely fur wigs that I couldn’t bear to part with.  Yes I made his jacket/tunic thing that still needs some finishing.  That orange leather was a true pain to work with.

Shelf Two 16

This is obviously a Soom Aphan. Aphan was one of the monthlies that I desperately wanted at the time but was not in a position to get; thus like so many of the others he is an adoption.  He is awaiting his name and some actual clothing.

Shelf Two 17

And this little guy is Albert, one of the DZ deer tinies from several years ago.  I purchased him from Featherfall; and he was named by Apis’ son, who was just a wee lad at the time. (“He looks like an Albert to me.”  “And Albert he shall be!”)



Shelf Two 19

Shelf Two 18

The final two on Shelf Two are from my brief but satisfying Cyborg phase.  Particularly brief in that I’ve done nothing with either of these amazing girls since I got them aside from wigging/partially clothing them.  On the left is a Souldoll Souloid Ier, and on the right a Batchix Mini-Machina Eta.  I’m not certain about the future of either of these girls in my collection but I consider them fine examples of just how cool resin dolls can be!

And that is shelf two.  Time for a deep breath before plumbing the depths of Shelf Three, where many of my original gang lives 🙂






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