For so many years I’ve been asked:  “Show me a picture of all of your dolls!”   And I never have, because, um…

I have TOO.  MANY.  DOLLS.

Proof?  In October, my Best Friend and Natural Enemy, Kymaera, came for what used to be his annual visit but which has taken a back seat to health issues for the past couple.   And HE finally took the picture.  Don’t mind the fact that none of the Pukis show (real or unreal), nor do the several that are in pieces and parts being worked on.  Nor the four loose boy bodies, the several floating heads, or the black Mirodoll elf that he brought me for a Birthmas present.  🙂  Also, excuse the poor lighting:  I really DO keep my dolls in a darkened room… the Dungeon of Anime ™ so named by my younger daughter when she was just a wee kid.

So for those who wondered how huge the Bunch had gotten since the Kenshingumi was begun back in 2006, I give you:  ALL DOLL.

Holy crap.

Holy crap.

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