Some Soom

It’s been a very long while since I’ve posted up pictures.  So long, in fact, that I have a huge backlog of newcomers to show.  So without any further preamble, here are Some Soom!

First of all is my Heliot.  I never quite stopped missing RatT after he went home to his One True Love.  So by watching the marketplace carefully (and by jumping on a tip from Fishcake) I was able to assemble my own Heliot; this one seems to have a completely different personality than his predecessor, but he hasn’t said much about himself yet.  He doesn’t have the hooves, but perhaps some day?

Lighting was a bit of an issue for his shoot.  It should have been perfect, in the drizzle… but we do forget how WHITE! Soom WHITE! can be in an outdoor setting.

Note the gorgeous top?  It was made for me by Crystal! (Xtal on DoA)





But in another part of the yard we got some shots of his relative – a Chrom on a human body.  This Chrom is another of my many adoptions from Achsfan on DoA, as you might guess just by seeing the scrollwork on his face.  This is another LONG-overdue picture for the seamstress who made the outstanding outfit (haori? plus mompei pants).  Thanks so much, Crystal!

He always seems just a bit fragile, to me, in spite of being an obvious fantasy creature.





Neither of these boys has a name… yet….

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