Frozen Wings

This story is a follow-up to one titled “Moving On” posted by fellow DoA-er Aernath last November. It’s located here. Today’s installment is due in large part to the efforts of Lizardbreath and her excellent skills at outdoor photography.

As usual, thoughts are in italics.


It’s been quite sunny and warm — for January in northern Colorado, anyway — but today there’s a change brewing.  It’s raw and windy, and a planned visit to the park has turned very chilly indeed for little Rosalie.

Well my.  I really wanted to visit my friends the herons today, but I guess I should have come yesterday when it was warmer!


I’m really glad I wore my shawl, too.  That breeze is getting a little brisk for my tastes.


Poor things, you and everything else are just about frozen solid!


*giggle*Yes I’m silly.  Of course you’re solid, you’re bronze.  But look at the lake!  And the sky looks so cold…  I’ll bet all the birds will be heading for their hiding spots pretty soon.  I think that wind is bringing us a snowstorm.

Rosalie listens for a moment to the cries of birds and the rustling of dried grasses and tree limbs. Between wind-borne noises and passing traffic in the distance, she barely notices a slightly deeper, regular, “fwhoosh” sound until it suddenly stops — and a clattering thud takes its place just on the other side of the statue.




uuuuuughhhh…  He moans and begins to sway unsteadily…


What? Wings??


“Must… find my true…. OW, head hurts.  Where…?


Oh my gosh… RatT!  Mr. RatT!!  What are you doing HERE? … Are you ok??


Oh… little one, you are …  here? Where?  Oh. Head.  Hurts…  Cold…
Oh my god, he’s hurt.  I need help.  LEAF, WHERE ARE YOU, I NEED HELP! No, he’s at home, oh what will I do?


Hmm? What?  Why do I suddenly get the feeling I REALLY need to go to the lake?  Odd…


A small figure appears on the sculpture above them.


Where am I? What…


*giggle* RatT Dude. You are NOT in Kansas anymore! *giggle*


She turns back to RatT, trying to get him to move.


Not to worry, Rosalie Dudette. I think everyone with an ear to hear, heard that shriek of yours. I’m just here to be a lighthouse so he can home in on you. …. Speaking of which, I’d best be going!


Mr. RatT, it’s a little warmer over on this side. Don’t worry, I’m sure Joseph is going to fetch help, we’ll get you to a warm spot soon.”
How did I… lost… so tired… my wings hurt and my head is all…”

The sounds of running feet on the concrete pathway get louder and louder.


I’m here, Rosa- wait a second, RatT? How? What the hell are you doing here? I thought you were in Kansas!


He’s really confused, Leaf; and he’s hurt, I think – and he’s so cold he’s practically purple!
Yeah. Yeah, it’s ok, buddy, we need to get you taken care of. Don’t worry about anything, ok?


Here we go. Put your arm around my shoulder. Let’s get you home.


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