Kenshin Gets a Massage

Preamble: I’ve got a bad back. Bad as in a spinal curvature that has my muscles in more or less continual spasm. Not fun, but for the last 12 years or so I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy the torture of deep tissue massage therapy given by a wonderful lady named Diane.

Over the years she’s heard more than any one human should have to endure about anime, cels, and now BJDs. She’s very familiar not only with the "speed bumps" in my muscles but with the story of Himura Kenshin. She’s seen pictures of my dolls, all of which she thinks are interesting– "but there’s something magical about Kenshin." I decided this week that she should finally meet him in person.


So. It’s been tense around here for the past couple of weeks. Annual review time in higher education is never happy. You have to take a hard look at yourself and what you’ve done for the past year. Sometimes unpleasant things from the past arise. It’s a real pain in the neck– and for me, that’s sometimes literal as well as figurative.

Kenshin, being the very thoughtful soul he is, picked up on that and was getting kind of tense himself. In fact, he’s been feeling really torn lately, and nervous about the fact that his old self, the assassin, keeps trying to appear more and more often.

So what better way to relax a tense body than to get a massage from a real pro?

Kenshin: I have a tight muscle there, that I do.
Diane-Sensei (to Baakay): Not for long. I’m going to use THE ELBOW!

Kenshin: Diane-Dono! *oof* *cringe* That is PAINFUL, that it is!
Diane-Sensei: Think he’s had enough yet?
Baakay: Not yet. Do the other side. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

Diane-Sensei: My, what tight abs you have. And I sense that you are anatomically correct…
Kenshin: Oro…
Baakay: *giggling too hard to speak*

Finally it was time for a little reflexology to relax the tootsies and help the energy flow properly…

Kenshin: Aaaaaahhhhhh….
Diane-Sensei: There. You’ll feel better now. Drink plenty of water tonight or you’ll hate me in the morning.

*turns to Baakay*
You’re next.

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