Welcome Home

My labor of love continues. Ruroni Kenshin is, of course, by Watsuki Nobuhiro, and the characters my dolls portray are his original creations. I have taken quite a bit of liberty with the world in which they now live, but it’s safe to say that my dolls herein are meant as a tribute to what I consider an absolute masterpiece of storytelling.


When last we saw my dear Kenshin, he was having a bit of an emotional meltdown about his beloved Kaoru, who’s been gone for a year. He’d been told — rather bluntly — that he’s been an idiot to leave her alone, and he’d just come to his own agreement with that statement. Just as he was giving in to his sorrow, a small "ahem" caught his attention, and a figure in pink stepped into view…
We continue from here.

The pink lady speaks in pink. Of course.
And another newcomer, at least to this rendition of the world, speaks in black.

Thoughts and "narration" are in italics.


Ha- Hai?? Yes? It’s this one, that it is … I mean …


I FOUND you.

Oh this one has an uncomfortable feeling, that he does …


Kaoru-dono, is it really you?

Yes, Kenshin, it is really me. And it has been a very long time since I have seen you.

Yes, yes I know that this one was gone much longer than expected and…

He reaches cautiously toward Kaoru, not quite knowing what to expect.
And this one did not tell you where he had wandered off to.
Leaving me to wonder if you would EVER come back, or whether you were even ALIVE.

But.. but when this one came home, you were gone. I was thinking that I would never see your face again.






Oro … Orororororoooo ….

Kenshin. Are you alright?

Kaoru-dono has not lost her touch with her sword, that she has not.
Kenshin, I …
Ha! I had a feeling that might happen.


Yo. Sagara Sanosuke makes his triumphant entrance in Greeley Freaking Colorado.

So, Sano, you…???
Went to find the little missy? Yes. I did. You were moping around here like a guy who just lost his pet dog, for too damn long. And I had an idea that the missy might have taken off to look for you, so I went to fetch her. Had to follow her trail from here to Tokyo and then to Kyoto, but I finally caught up with her.

She was looking for… this one?
That she was, Kenshin. That she was.
He pats Kaoru on the shoulder in friendly familiarity.

And we had quite the fun trip back, didn’t we, Kaoru-san?
Yes, we did indeed, Sanosuke-kun. And thank you very much for coming to get me.

Her eyes bore into his…
But you may feel free to remove your hand from my person at any time now.
Well, well. Heh… yes, of course … heheheh … sorry about that… sweatdrop, much?

He chatters away to fill the awkward.
So! What say we all go out and get something to eat, eh? How about it? We don’t want Kaoru to have to cook on her first night back, do we, now?

The silence roars.

Oho, this is going even better than I’d hoped! Time for “this one” to beat a timely retreat.

Or, I could just go unpack and get settled! See ya… call me if you need me for anything. Heh!
He wanders away whistling tunelessly.

Um, Kenshin, I’m so sorry I didn’t stay here as I told you I would, but…
Kaoru-dono. Come here.

Kaoru, if this one had not wandered away first, you would have had no reason to follow. This has all been my fault. I am a foolish man.

Please try to forgive this one, Kaoru-dono.

I will never leave you again, Kaoru. Never again.

Or I, you.

Welcome home, Kaoru.
I’m back, Kenshin.

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