What Comes Next

The last time we saw Kenshin, he was about to kiss Kaoru for the first time in a year. Battousai and Sanosuke had both left, in that order, each understanding that their company was not needed.

We find Battousai in the back yard.

Battousai speaks in blue. Sanosuke speaks in black. Thoughts are in italics.


I need to stay strong. Events are still in flux. The poor still suffer at the hands of the rich and powerful.

If even one life can be made better by my sword… even one… then I MUST!



*rustle rustle*

*rustle rustle rustle*

Yo, Ken-


Don’t creep up behind me unless you’re hoping to die.

*plops, weak-kneed, onto the seat*
By all the gods, man, I think you just shortened my life by 10 years!

*Battousai seats himself beside the still-stunned Sanosuke*
You should know better than to approach an assassin from the rear. Especially one with his sword unsheathed. But… sorry…

And do NOT call me “Kenshin.” I am NOT that man.
Very well, “Battousai-SAN.” But it’s not as though it’s meant as an insult. Kenshin is one of the finest men I’ve ever known.

Feh! Finest men. He’s an old man who is more concerned with the LAUNDRY than with standing up for what is right. And did you see him sniveling over that woman? — You did bring her back, yes?

Indeed I did, Battousai. And there were some fine sparks flying when I left ‘em. I suspect there’s good stuff going on right now. *chuckle*
Good grief, Sanosuke. Of all the things. What can she possibly see in him?
Oh, many things. The little missy cares for Kenshin very much. She understands him, and admires his strength.


And don’t forget that she IS a young woman, and Kenshin does have a fine body, and it HAS been a long time since they’ve seen each other, and…
WHAT? And just how would you know that the old man has a fine body, eh? Don’t tell me you WERE fooling around with him in the back corner?

IDIOT. You don’t suppose I might have had to help bind his wounds just once or twice? *tsk*

I’ll tell you what, though, that Kaoru is a happy lady right about now. And after watching her and listening to her talk about Kenshin on the trip home I can promise you that Kenshin is one very, very lucky man. Boy, is he ever!


I’ve never known two people to love each other as much as those two do. Someday maybe you’ll understand, Ken- Sorry, Battousai.
Hrmph. I doubt it. I have no time for women. And no interest in them, either. OR in men, thanks.

Maybe so, Battousai-san. Maybe so. But that’s not the case for your older self! *grin*


*fade to black*

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