Last fall, my two iterations of Kenshin made quite the splash when I showed them together for the first time. Kenshin got some unexpected – but very appreciated – attention, and then needed to atone for all of the confusion his sudden burst of emotions created. When last we saw the boyz, they were apologizing.

I’ve of necessity taken some unusual liberties with the Rurouni Kenshin canon, if for no other reason than having these two exist at the same time in the same place is a bit of a time-space issue. And from here on out it’s going to be stranger still, I fear.

At any rate!

Himura Kenshin is in Red.
Hitokiri Battousai is in Blue.

Please enjoy!


So. The bowing, scraping and groveling are all taken care of and we can get back to the slaying…. Wait, what are you doing NOW, old man?

*tsk* What does it look like? I am…. folding laundry, that I am.

Laundry. How demeaning. The hands of a master swordsman are not meant to do scullery work, Himura.

Perhaps not, Battousai-san. But this one no longer lives by the sword as he did in his youth.

There are other things that can be done with skilled hands. That there are.

And this one has often done such things to be useful, in the past. It is only fair.

Such as cleaning the dojo for … Kaoru-dono…

*sliding his short sword back into place*
Ahh, that’s what this is all about, isn’t it. Brooding about that woman again?

All of the attention from beautiful females got you thinking about the one that got away, didn’t it.

You’re so weak and predictable, Himura. You’ve definitely lost your edge. Get over her. She left you…. when? How long has it been?

*very quietly*
It has been a year.
And you should be more respectful, Battousai-san.

*an awkward pause ensues*
Hrmph. *sigh* My pardons.

You are right, however, Battousai. I do brood. And wonder. Why would she have left me?

She said she would always wait for my return.

I would protect her with my life and yet… she has been gone. For an entire year.


*tsk* You are an absolute idiot, old man. What sort of woman wants to sit around and wait like a lump while her occasional boyfriend goes wandering all over the world looking for justice, or atonement, or whatever it is you’re looking for?

Who would want to grow old waiting for a washed-up do-gooder – one who can’t even muster up enough spirit to wield a proper sword that might actually DO some good?
*sternly* Battousai-san.

You know it’s true. My god, Himura. She’s a beautiful girl. She got tired of waiting and went to look for you, according to Sanosuke. Personally I think she went looking for a guy with a few bal- some spirit. That’s my opinion.

Nothing to say for yourself, eh? Well, I’ll leave you to your laundry, old man. Enjoy yourself.

Ja ne.

*A very long silence ensues and then Kenshin heaves a great, shuddering sigh.*
He is right, of course, that one. How could I be so stupid?

Why would I expect her to wait for this one? This fouled, failed, pitiful excuse for a man.

Oh Kaoru. Your scent lingers on your kimono, but even that will be gone soon. I remember when I embraced you and said sayonara this time. I never thought it really would be forever.

Kaoru-dono. Kaoru, I am so sorry. I failed you. … I am so sorry…
*several very quiet, very muffled sobs escape the sleeve of the kimono where Kenshin has buried his face*

…. ahem?



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