Leggo my … hat!

Well a long, long time ago, I only had minis in my house. And the boys get… kind of cranky and restless sometimes at being ignored, never photographed, never taken out to play.

The last couple of days I’ve come downstairs to the Dungeon of Anime ™ at various times to discover that the DZ minis are having a "grab Kai’s hat" thing going on. (Hey, if I don’t do anything with them, they amuse themselves?? ) You have to know that this hat was a gift from Aernath, and Kai hasn’t had it off since he got it… except for when Hiten grabbed it 2 days ago.

I wish I’d thought to take pictures then, when Kai was swatting Hiten unmercifully for having taken the hat, and Yuki was just looking on, amused. Kai plopped the hat back on his head with a "MY hat!" look. Today I turned around and saw this behind me:

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