A Rat in the Kitchen

A month or so ago we had a blizzard here in Colorado and Leaf, poor lovelorn Floridian transplant, had quite the fit. Which got a hearty giggle out of his former bunkie, Aernath’s Rat, who was at the time visiting his ladylove, Gennii Drominda’s JaySay, in Arizona. There was quite the little tease here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/sh…d.php?t=289800

This takes place — in doll time, anyway — just shortly thereafter. Figured with things getting a little tense in Rat’s world, we’d best get this up!

Leaf speaketh in red.

I speaketh in green, just for the heckuvit.
The rest of the cast speaketh in various other colors…
Things wot happen are in italics.

Having gotten all that under control, onward! and Godspeed…


Leaf: stomp stomp stomp Harumph!
Me: What is it hon?

Leaf: I’m pissed, what do you think it is.
Me: Huh? Why?

Leaf: Didn’t you SEE this? GLOATING at me?

Leaf: “Almost as hot as Arizona.” Your lily-white…
Me: Leaf. Come on now. Be good.
Leaf: He’s rubbing it in. The ratbastard.

plops onto bench
Leaf: He’s supposed to be my friend. We were buddies.
Me: He’s still your friend, doofus. He’s just yankin’ yer chain.
Leaf: Yeah, yeah. I’m never getting a girl at this rate.
Me: Ok, well, you sit here and pout, friend. I’ve got the flu and I’m grabbin’ a nap.


Joe: LeafDude. I hear you have been feelin’ down.
Leaf: Who the heck are you?

Joe: I am Joe! Leader of the Littles of the Baakay Bunch. And you…

Joe: Are not. twinkle


Joe: Phear not, LeafDude! Be not of bad cheer, or something.

Joe: For we, the Littles, have prepared an entertainment for you, to raise those spirits of yours! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!


Joe: Ok, gang! Just like we practiced it!

Littles: There’s… a….

Littles: RAT! in the kitchen, what I’m-a gonna do? There’s a

Littles: RAT! in the kitchen, what I’m-a gonna do? I’m gonna fix dat

Littles: RAT! dat’s what I’m gonna do! I’m gonna fix dat

Littles: RAT!

Joe: Wait a second, wait a second. ShintaDude, we talked about this. The picture does NOT go on the sword, the sword is scary, dude.
Shinta: But…
Joe: No but. Everyone back on the bench.

Shinta: But the sword is the heart of a samurai, that it is!
Leaf: …..
Off to the side: snap! snap snap snap! crack

Ace: You want I should fix dat Rat for ya? I have my ways…

Leaf: Wait a second! Now who the hell are YOU?

L: Watashi wa “L” desu!
ReindeerL: “L” desu!
ChairL: “L” desu!

Hellboy: Aw CRAP. You’re in the wrong story again, Pastry boy. Come on, back up on the file cabinet with the rest of us action dolls.

Leaf: Help?

And that’s all!
Thanks for looking, blurry pics and insanity notwithstanding!

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