My labor of love continues. Ruroni Kenshin is, of course, by Watsuki Nobuhiro, and the characters my dolls portray are his original creations. I have taken quite a bit of liberty with the world in which they now live, but it’s safe to say that my dolls herein are meant as a tribute to what I consider an absolute masterpiece of storytelling.

The last time we saw the Battousai, he and Sanosuke were wondering What Comes Next … (Ok, well Sano had a pretty decent idea.) 😉 Later on, Battousai spends some time by himself, walking and pondering. He finds himself near the small pond just to our east.

Huh. What was it that Sanosuke said to me, again? That maybe someday I would change my mind about having a woman in my life. And that he didn’t understand why I’m an assassin in the first place, because all he gets from the old man is a vow that he’ll never kill again.

Well I don’t know why the old man went soft, but… Oh! Will you look at that.

Three of them.

The remains of three dead trees. Just like the three headstones I found for the three dead girls – all of us sold for slaves.

Cut down before my eyes, their very blood splattering over me, and I not more than a small boy. How can a child see something like that and not be changed?

That was our life under a rotten government, when the wealthy and powerful did anything they liked to the rest of us. If not for my swordmaster I’d have been under the fourth marker. I couldn’t save the three girls, but by all the gods, I could do something to change the times, I just had to.

And so I became an assassin, to cut out the evil and the rot, even though Hiten Mitsurugi is meant to be the sword that protects.

Do they really think I enjoy killing, even though I do it so well? Or… do I? I know that others have had the scent of blood claim their hearts… Am I such a monster?

And even if I am not, how could one such as I take a woman to love, without losing my edge? No, Sanosuke. It is my place to remain focused and stealthy. I can only exist in the shadows of this life.

I cannot risk exposing someone else to the demon that I have become.

Even though I sometimes am lonely..

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