Leaf’s Lament

So for the past day or so we’ve had outbursts of several sorts from Ichigo, visiting up at the Resinhouse (http://www.denofangels.com/forums/sh…d.php?t=249232) and the apparent release of a WHOLE lotta pent-up frustration back at the Ranch: (http://www.denofangels.com/forums/sh…d.php?t=249274).

The immediate spark to all of this seems to have been Ardit, who until recently lived here with the Baakay Bunch, but traded places with Leaf a few weeks ago.

Leaf’s been out here chillin’ — literally — while we created all sorts of chaos around him, but finally the comments from the East Coast about him being out here with “the babes” finally got to him. This is his response to all the responses. Or at least it was supposed to be.

Leaf: Good grief. All the whining going on. And they think I’m sitting out here laughin’ with the babes. I’m freezing my buns off and the FURNACE is going, for cryin’ out loud! Well ok, last weekend I *did* have my arm around this Ember chick… But I sure wasn’t getting any of what Rat was gettin’!!

Leaf: And look NOW! She’s all cuddled up to Mr. Whiter Than Death Count D over here!

Broc: And he doesn’t even LIKE girls! He… likes animals. *Thought I’d be helpful…*

Count D: I fear I am somehow in the wrong story. Do I belong here? Is it teatime yet?

Ember: (*it might have helped if he’d reapplied his deodorant after all our moving of quarters…*)

Allegro: I’m no Nyssia, but shall I come sit in your hand?

Roquefort: SQUEAK!

Broc: How’d we get these two here, anyway?

Battousai: Perhaps you would like me to … Dispatch one or two? It is the season for political smears, after all. It would hardly be noticed.

Broc: …. that’s….ok…

Niari: The LIGHT! It BURNS!!
Tanwoo: Do you think I’m showing enough thigh for Hobby?

Edouard: *sigh*

Leaf: You see? It’s no saner here than it is at the Hellhole(tm) or the Ranch. And it’s COLD, besides! I think I’d rather go home and look at Ian’s new body!!

(Meanwhile, at the other end of the room)

Kenshin: This one had nothing to do with any of this.

“Shin”: That you did not.

Floyd: Help?

That’s all! Short but stupid!

Comments on DoA included a remark from Aernath:

Snort! Forgot to add: the boys are pointing and laughing at the glitz Leaf’s wearing.
Quote: the shine off those sparkles ain’t going to warm you much!

To which our response was:
Aernath: Ok, so sparkles really aren’t his thing, are they? maybe you’ll like the Postscript better? 🙂 To wit:

(we’ll pretend this was artistically contrived blurring)

Looks like everything’s cool now!

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