There’s a RatT in the…

Today’s entertainment is brought to you by the mother-daughter combo of Baakay and Lizardbreath, and an assortment of their dolls.  Lizardbreath did photography, and I did what passes for a story (and some “creative” posing assistance).  Thanks also to our three cats, Strudel, Donut and Waffle, who helped too.

As usual, thoughts are in italics.  We’ll just identify the players as we proceed, mkay?


Leaf:  What do you mean there’s a Rat in the kitchen??  Do you REALLY expect me to fall for that crap again???  I’ve seen his picture, he’s living with JaySay at Gennii Drominda’s house now.  There’s nothing out there but some dead plastic bags.  Fool me once, shame on me….
Joe: No, No, LeafDude!!  I didn’t say he was in the KITCHEN! Follow me, and phear not!


Emperor Iruhi and some of his friends and minions are chatting with a friend from Aernath’s Ranch.  He’s been traveling around the western US for a number of months now, but the time has come for him to check out the new and improved Ranch! So a farewell party was in order.

Iruhi: I hope you’ve enjoyed it here, Sir Gratitian.  Eyphan, it was good of you to join us in wishing our visitor a safe trip home.

Eyphan:  That would be LORD Eyphan, cousin.  And of course I would attend such a distinguished visitor.
Leander: I could swear I sense demon in the area.  Or something similar…
From the direction of the dragon feet just behind him: *giggle*

RatT: Sir Gratitian is it now? My, my. Someone has his fantasy worlds confused.
Rosalie:  But Mr. RatT, may I ask you a question?

RatT: Of co..
Iruhi: OF COURSE you may ask Sir Gratitian a question, Rosalie! Isn’t that right, EYPHAN?
Roiben (whispering): They, um, don’t like each other very much.  You’ll get used to it.
Brandon:  I’m.  Not.  Touching yoooouuuu Mr. Demon Hunter….

Vncent: Remind me how I got into this place, again?  Talk about sibling rivalry!

Roiben:  SHUSH, Your Highness.  Go ahead and ask your question, Rosalie dear.
Rosalie: THANK YOU, Roiben. You’re a dear.  Now, Mr. RatT, I noticed something about you and all this time, well, I’ve been wondering if you’re ok…

Rosalie: It’s your horn, Mr. RatT.  It’s… missing.  It looks like it was broken off!  Does it… does it hurt you?

RatT:  *chuckles* Oh no, little one. It does not hurt me at all, but thank you for asking.  It’s just that…


Joe: Now, Little Dudes! Sing it! … It’s not that he’s hurt, it’s just that …

He left… his HOOOORRRRRRRN….


Leaf:  You have GOT to be KIDDING me!!!

Leaf: It’s… its YOU!  You RATbastard!!!
Vampire K: Yes, yes it definitely is… *____*

RatT:  Oh hello, Leaf.  I see that you’ve not changed.  Leaf?
Leaf: YEAH?
RatT:  Bite me.

VampK:  BITE you?  *gasp* Oh, MAY I??
RatT:  *groan*
Leaf:  I seriously! Do not! Believe you!  LOOK at you! you STILL have all the girls, even if it’s just a little one!!

V: *tap tap*  Excuse me…

Leaf: Eh?


Leaf:  Wait! What?  Who are …

Violette:  Shut UP for a second!  I’m Violette. Vi-o-LETTE. Don’t forget it.  And You! *poke* are NOT! *poke*  GOT IT, BUDDY? *poke*

Violette:  You WHINE! *poke* ALL the TIME! *poke* We’re TIRED of it! *poke* And I’m gonna be the one who FIXES it! *poke
Leaf:  Y-yes ma’am?

Leaf:  He- he- heh- Help?  🙂



I’ve half-fallen, and I can’t get up?

He doesn’t have a name yet, nor have I managed to get his stringing right or his sueding on…  But he plopped onto the carpet just like that and STAYED there forever while we were getting things set up 🙂

Thanks again to Lizardbreath for doing the hardest part …

And to Waffle (in back) and Strudel (in the thick of things)

and Donut (making sure Eyphan’s hair is “just so”)

…. for their supervisory puuurrrroww-ess! 😉

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