No Way

NOTE: This one has some…adult-leaning themes, but no pictures that would bother anyone… I hope 😉
I posted a few shots of my two Kenshin boys last night and got reactions I wasn’t expecting!

Well, Kenshin seemed to have enjoyed the attention, and so today this just sort of happened when he tried to talk to Battousai about it.
[In the event that anyone *doesn’t* know the Rurouni Kenshin story – well, Battousai is Kenshin 10 years before the story of the TV-version anime. Kenshin is trying to atone, in the anime, for what he was as Battousai. And that’s about as pared-down as I can make it.]
Oh, and late addition: Kenshin obviously confused in more way than one, because he thought the attention was directed toward Battousai!

Kenshin the elder is in Red. (He’s 29-30-ish)

Kenshin the younger — Battousai — is in blue. (he’s somewhere in the 15-16 year old range).
Thoughts are in italics.

Been a long time, been a long time,
Been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time…


Battousai. Did you see? People enjoyed the pictures the owner took of us. One young woman seems to have particularly enjoyed them, especially the ones of you, I think.
*blink* I was sleeping, you know

However, since I am fully awake now… That’s nice, but you know perfectly well I’m not interested, old man. And you can’t be serious. Who in her right mind would want monsters like US?

Killing machines like us cannot expect tenderness from others, Kenshin. I know you as well as I know myself. It’s all about the hunt, isn’t it, old man. Admit it. The stealthy approach, the burst of speed, the…
But it has been such a very long time since Kaoru-dono left.

A very long time indeed, and this one is only human.

Ha! Remember how it is, old man? Rushing forward, blood pounding in the ears…
Pounding … blood…

The rushing sound of steel through the air as we pull our sword..
Our sword. My sword. … My heart is pounding, that it is.

And don’t forget the scent. Close enough to smell the warmth of another body, knowing that soon, before he can even scream, he will smell of blood.
Yes. The scent.

This younger one has a wonderful scent….

*chuckles* Of course, it IS all only in the name of justice. But still… the fluttering of the heartbeat in that neck just before we make the head fly is SO very..
Ah yes, the neck.

The very delicious neck…


*blink* … ExCUSE me???

*blink* *gasp*
Kenshin pulls back hastily.

Battousai angrily brushes off Kenshin’s touch.

Dammit! You know I don’t fly that way! And neither do you!! Unless you and Sanosuke have been pulling something funny in the back corner while I’ve been TRYING to sleep. But I would know if that happened, don’t forget about THAT, old man.
No! no! this one is… not…. Uh…

Visibly flustered, they both turn away from each other.
Just. Don’t. EVER do that again!! NO. TOUCHIE. I may be you and you may be me but I’m still ten years younger than you. And not all beat to hell and gone. And I have TWO swords, and they’re sharp. And not reverse-blades.
He clears his throat before continuing.
Wouldn’t want to hurt you. Me. Um… us. By mistake, you know.
This one is… uh…
Utterly mortified?

Don’t “this one” to me either. It’s beneath you. Us.
A pause ensues.
Look, it’s not your fault, elder-san. You may be old, but you ain’t dead yet, apparently. But remember that I’m still part of you, like it or not.

We’re assassins, Kenshin. Killers. Don’t forget that. Nobody is going to change me. Us. It would be as pointless as trying to turn that Kyouzou dude who lives at The Ranch into a nice guy. There’s just no way.

Perhaps you are right, Battousai-dono. Perhaps you are right.
But… it has been a very long time.

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