New Guy Shows Off!

Friday evening, a thusfar nameless stranger came into our home. He spent much of the intervening time getting the lay of the land and fussing at me about his… well…

…. there was finally enough light today to take pictures of him.

HE will speak in brown.

The Baakay will speak in… um… gray? 😉 Whatever that color is…

New owner commentary in plain old black.


Alright alright, here I am. Take a picture.
This is nice for a start.

What, you are going to want more than this?
Of course I am. How can we show people what you look like otherwise?

Oh, hmmm. Hadn’t thought of that. And I suppose you’re going to leave this … this dead rodent … on my head.
Um, well, I’ll see if something else works. First of all, take your jacket off please.

Notes: NICE outfit. NICE face. NICE posing. AWFUL wig.
Really. The dark brown jacket and black pants are a yummy combo. Kudos on the design team for that. The shirt (see next shot) is interesting but a little too accessorized for my taste, but that’s just me.

Ok, no jacket. We good to go now?
Oh, right. Surely you jest.
You’re suggesting the shirt goes next, I’m going to guess.
Clever man.

Ok, I’ll do the shirt thing but on ONE condition.
Get the dead possum off your head?

[Rant ON]
So here’s the thing with this wig. It’s the PERFECT color combo for him. It really is. Looks like it ought to be full and silky and just fabulous in the promo pics and… it’s thin, it’s impossible to style and it looks terrible. Mind you this wig has been worn for ONE. DAY. ONLY.

Oh, and see the sticky-uppy part in the back? there’s a horizontal seam there and woe be unto you if you try to tame that. Not gonna work. I pondered the likelihood that I had the wig on backwards, which would put the unfinished darts behind his ears. But man, that looked even worse. Lordy what a pitiful excuse for a fullset topper.

*cough* but I digress…

Allrighty then. Shirt removal commencing.
(me: ………)

*clears throat* Thank you, dear. Now, um, it may not be The One but try this wig.
Cool. Thanks.

Notes: This really was the arms holding the shirt, and not the other way around. Elbows are double-jointed. Minimal motion available in upper torso joint.

Ok, don’t tell me. These next.
Of course!
It’s ok, my feet are too warm in here anyway.

Note. Awesome boots are…. AWESOME.
Seriously. I want these boots on my husband. Now. Thank you.

AHHHH better. *wiggles toes in the soft rug*

Note: Nice feet. Really nice feet. Beats heck out of the old 70 cm feet with the horrible toenails!

And now… it’s nekked time!
So I’m way ahead of you here. Figure I might as well take the whole shebang off.
Except the belt?
Well… then I’m not completely naked?

Note: So here you have it.. double jointed knees very nicely done for the standing position. Absolutely delightful body sculpt. Um, but compared to his elder brethren the original 70 cm boys? suprisingly … light on the… um. Junk. We’re not talking DoC boy, here, but still, I was surprised.

So will this work? Nobody will be too freaked?
Nope, this works fine.

Notes: Those knees are truly strange-looking when out of pants and bent. However, they will do some impressive poses! Also in this shot: nicely veined hands, and you can see that the lower torso joint has some useful flexibility as well, both forward and backward.

And finally, like all tan resin this will rub some at the joints. However, I’m really impressed with the finishing. Not a seam to be found and no uneven marks or sanding marks or anything like that.

I hope you enjoyed!

Oh! ETA: The reason he didn’t take the belt off is I didn’t want to have to figure out how to put it ON again. It’s got a snap closure, but neither at the end, nor in a spot where it will stay UP… so I kind of did a karate-belt sort of twist around itself and snapped it shut.
Neat belt, but I wish they’d put a user manual in there… 😉

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