Zelgadis is BACK!

What a long story this doll has. I know he was at least two different shades of gray when Aschfan owned him. Then I traded for him and painted him the perfect “Zelgadis” (from the anime Slayers) greenish-blue – but discovered that thick paint stayed on about five nanoseconds after his first movement.

He then had ALL. THAT. PAINT. removed from him (over quite an extended period in June 2007) and got sanded down and dyed a nice light teal – or so I thought. But no! He was GREEN. GREEN, I say, like an artificial Christmas tree. No.

I wasn’t about to sell his head, which I have adored ever since I first saw it, nor did I think anyone would have a use for a multiply-modded girl-to-boy body that had been all the colors of the rainbow. Mottled, scratched, fugly… and beloved.

So in the box he went.

It’s been a YEAR! but I re-sanded him (much better this time), re-dyed him a light blue (which over residual green was the *perfect* color) and re-applied his “rocks” (which are built up with Liquitex gel extender and painted gray, then “blushed” with dark gray pastels). Et voila:

It’s obviously not his regulation outfit but will do while I’m making one… and although that IS the perfect color and fur for his wig it’s not quite long enough (any wig maker out there have LONG purple frost?)

… and even though he’s no beauty and never will be I am *absolutely thrilled* to have Zel BACK!!


So after an eon and a half I realized that I never actually put updated pictures of him in here … so a year and some later, here they are.

What’s additionally fun is that he actually has an entire new BODY since this shot. I decided that I was tired of him looking so much shorter than the rest of the guys and something like a pencil-necked geek, so he’s now on a Fantasydoll body that suits him perfectly. — it also allowed me to get his hands and arms the same color, finally.

buuut I haven’t taken pictures of that, yet….

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