A New Guy Joins the Bunch! (and his name is…)

Ok, so this is the first time I’ve ever ordered a limited fullset and oh was I worried. What if I don’t like him? What will I do?


He arrived yesterday and I grabbed a few really crummy pictures of him to share. Early owner pics Some taken with the horror that is flash. All taken in the Dungeon of Anime ™ where my office and doll stuff are. So with all those disclaimers in mind…

His full set is very fun. Glasses, wig, that cool mesh shirt, really nice pleather pants with zippers in the legs, a … waist-mounted bag. (Was going to call it a fanny pack, but I know that carries odd connotations in some parts). A tie… and that HAT (which is utterly awesome). I didn’t buy his jacket. I do wish I’d had a chance to buy the shoes he’s shown with in the promo shots. Want. Those.

Blurry but you get the idea. Yum.

Oh noes it’s the dreaded camera flash! But this gives you at least a glimpse at the awesome faceup.

And without the hat and glasses…

Same thing with flash for the details:


Here he is in the Seat of Honor where Kenshin usually lives.

Why do I want to start singing "You can leave your hat on" ?

Ok these next two were specifically taken because I knew someone in Florida who shall remain nameless, unless she wishes to reveal herself as Aernath, would insist:

He sat like that for a good hour with me just staring…
and then I tried a couple other wigs on him just for the halibut.

The gray and white Wu wig:

(that’s Tanwoo Hu beside him… we were laughing that they both have silver hair and eyes.)
…and because someone said "he’d look great in black!" I tried the closest wig at hand on him.

I’ll spam him more once he gets settled better!!
Added Jan 13, 2009 (6:31 pm) 
Ok so he’s been here a few days now… (hasn’t moved because I still can’t stop staring at him!) but he’s found a wig and a name!

Yes, yes, he has his default wig but … he needed black hair:

A much shorter black wig than the one I tucked on him last week. Braided into a tail.

And his name is: Alexei Coralian Eton.

Long story having mostly to do with the fact that my younger daughter has a marvelous sense of names and she told me "He just looks like an Ace to me!

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