A Christmas Present

It’s been a crazy-busy time here at the home of the Bunch, and it’s been forever since we’ve seen Kenshin and company. But special occasions call for… special occasions.

Kenshin speaks in red
Kaoru speaks in pink
Battousai speaks in blue
Thoughts are in italics
Random comments from the peanut gallery are in black.

Please enjoy our little interlude!

Yes, Kenshin?
You look lovely with the lights shining on your face, that you do.
Why thank you, Kenshin.

In fact, you look so lovely that you make this one want to do something, right now, without waiting another moment.

Oh? And what exactly would that be, silly boy? Dare I ask?
* chuckle *

Come here a bit closer and I’ll show you.

[whispering] How about this?
Oh! Mmmmmmmmmm…….

Meanwhile, someone on his way to find a midnight snack has wandered halfway into the room.

Well, well, what have we here? I seem to be in the right place at the right time tonight…

You GO, old man. She seems to be enjoying her Christmas kiss too, judging from what I see..

Who knew he had it in him? Hmm, I guess tomorrow we’ll be hearing “I came upon a midnight clear” or something, eh? …. Guess I’d better beat a quiet retreat before I’m spotted.

Merry Christmas, old man.

Thanks for looking, and I hope your holidays have been happy!

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