All Doll: Shelf 8 – Kenshingumi

And thus once again we find ourselves at the end of the year, not having QUITE finished the project begun in January :).  But because I had a special request, I am jumping out of sequence to bring you Shelf 8:  The Kenshingumi!


Now anyone who is at all familiar with me knows how much I love the story of the young samurai, blessed with enormous strength in spite of his diminutive stature, who becomes an assassin for the Choshu Ishin Shishi hoping to usher in an age of peace and equality for the people of Japan.  He thus does all the wrong things for what he believes are the right reasons; the tale of his attempt to atone for the wrong things is heartwrenching and moving. Over the 8 years I’ve been collecting ball-jointed dolls I’ve attempted to recreate some of the characters from the show.


Kenshin, at the left, is my oldest full-sized doll; he’s an Elfdoll Red on the original, short, body. And while he has “mellowed” somewhat, that color is his homme skin that is an exquisite color.   Directly behind him is my Sagara Sanosuke, a Dollzone Yuu on the original DZ 70cm body.  Sano, originally a “fighter-for-hire,” is pretty much Kenshin’s best friend and cheerleader.  Next to Sanosuke is Megumi, the female doctor who loves Kenshin but knows it’s hopeless; by the end of the series she and Sano are leaning toward becoming a couple though they never quite get there.  Megumi is a Unidoll Dahlia, one of the most delightful dolls I’ve ever handled.

In front of Megumi is Kamiya Kaoru (or “Kaoru-dono” as Kenshin calls her in his highly formal-polite fashion).  Kaoru, who is  assistant instructor in the martial arts dojo she inherited from her late father, is a formidable fighter in her own right.  She accepts Kenshin unconditionally as he is, even knowing that he had a past, and eventually becomes his second wife and mother to his son Kenji.  Kaoru is a Custom House Naye – she was Kenshin’s choice after several other attempts to find the proper Kaoru sculpt failed.

Down in front is something of an enigma.  He’s a little Dollzone Jing who has been known as Shinta (Kenshin’s birth name) but really, if we’re going by size, ought to be Kenshin and Kaoru’s son Kenji.  He’s as he is, regardless, and one of my favorites.


In the middle front are two of the teenage leads:  Myojin Yahiko and his girlfriend Tsubame, a girl Yahiko meets at a local restaurant and whom becomes his girlfriend.  Yahiko is the son of a former samurai and wants nothing more than to have people respect him for it; Kenshin gently turns him from the path he was pursuing as a pickpocket toward a more noble way of life.  Yahiko is an Iplehouse Ryan and Tsubame is a Mini Dollfie Dream / Obitsu hybrid, in part a gift from my Best Friend and Natural Enemy ™ Kymaera (Onomatopoeia on Den of Angels).

Behind them we have two of the main antagonists in the show.  Shishio Makoto, he of the toasty and bandaged appearance, is the newest of my Kenshingumi being portrayed by Ace, a limited Elfdoll tan K from his first release.  (it seems somehow fitting that Ace should end up bandaged… 😀 ) Shishio is the man who took over Kenshin’s position as assassin for the Ishin Shishi after Kenshin gave up his sword.  He’s not a nice man.

To his left is the familiar Hajime Saito, whom I put together long before Volks made their glorious Saito-san.  This one is a DiMdoll special event head on a Dollmore body.  Saito was a historical figure, captain of the 3rd squad of the Shinsengumi and as such on the opposite end of the war from Kenshin.  The two hated each other, but ten years on at the time of the anime, they grow to have a deep respect for each other’s military genius and sword skills.


Finally we have the younger version of Kenshin – the Hitokiri Battousai, most feared assassin of the Bakumatsu according to people 10 years later.  He’s cold-blooded and single-minded…until he meets the woman who becomes his first wife, Tomoe.  My Battousai is also an Elfdoll Red with a reminiscence head I modded to have that half-mast eyelid look.  Tomoe is a Dollmore Ha-Yarn Cho head on a Unidoll body.

Finally, behind them we have Kenshin’s swordsmaster, Hiko Seijuro the Thirteenth, master of the Hiten Mitsurugi school of swordsmanship.  The name Hiko Seijuro is actually a title passed to each successive leader of the school; Kenshin technically wins the title of Hiko Seijuro the IVth by besting his master in battle but declines to take either it or the horrid re-collared cape that goes with the title.

My Hiko is an Iplehouse Chase (with a damaged faceup that I have not yet repaired), and his outfit is a prime example of my theory that it only needs to be a reasonable facsimile of the real deal.  Especially since the real deal in anime so often is inhumanly difficult to sew!  His trademark sake jug was specially commissioned specifically to fit that big old hand and it really is the perfect touch, in my view.  It was important to  find a doll who was manly and macho looking AND a full head taller than Battousai.  Chase not only fit the bill but bears an uncanny resemblance to one of my Kenshin posters.



To the left of the main group of Kenshingumi, and standing between shelf 6 and shelf 8 is Himura.  Himura is of course Kenshin, but he’s my Big Kenshin and thus goes by the family name rather than the given name to save confusion.  He’s an Iplehouse realskin Bichun EID, who I got and customized well before the first Kenshin live-action movie.  I was startled to find how much he resembles Takeru Satoh, the live-action Kenshin who so owns the role.

Happy Holidays to all from the Kenshingumi!


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All Doll Closeups: Shelf Three!

After some rearranging, dust removal and hair combing (of varying degrees of success) we’re ready to resume our trek through the Baakay Bunch. Welcome to Shelf Three, where most of the Mini-sized bjds hang out.  Many of these are among the first dolls I ever purchased.

Shelf Three01

For the tour, I needed a volunteer to sit in the foreground so that we could see them all.  Shien, being the lounge lizard that he is, sighed and stretched out on the mat.  Personally, I know he just wanted to show off his lovely legs, but we won’t call him on it, ok?

The other reason Shien doesn’t mind hanging out in front is that he’s currently wearing The Hat, and wants to show it off.  The Hat has had a long and storied history at our house; it came with someone or other in a box from Aernath’s Ranch and became the object of much covetation (is that even a word?) almost instantly.  Shien claimed it, but it’s forever being stolen by one or another of the other boys.  Case in point:

Shelf Three04

Shelf Three05

On the left we have the Grand Old Man of my collection, my first full doll, purchased in July of 2006. (My DZ Shuang head, currently in the parts box, preceded him by a few days). Yuki is a WS Dollzone Meigi who I purchased from a Denver collector who allowed me to come pick him up in person.  She showed me how to change eyes, how to get at the strings, gave me directions to Denver Doll (back at their old location) and generally started me down this yellow brick road.  On my way home he told me his name was Yuki (he once was VERY white) and I have never looked back. I still get that feeling of perfection every time I pick him up.

Next to him and going for the steal is Kai, a normal skin Dollzone Mo of more recent vintage but still on a type 1 body.  Kai is not the original Kai.  The original Kai was also a Mo and had a slightly more sinister look about him.   I swapped him for a DZ Leo.  Later down the road I realized I missed Kai; and having obtained a Big Kai (SD-sized Mo) in the interim someone on DoA and I did a Mo-for-Mo swap. So we once again have Kai.  And he’s no more respectful of The Hat than his predecessor was!

On the right is Hiten M. Ryu, who I purchased from DoA’s amazing Cenarius seven years ago this month (wow…really? time flies by…).  He’s a tan type 1 DZ Meigi with a wonderful tattoo and a rather cynical attitude, by and large.  I actually think that Shien is wearing the black pleather hot pants and boots that were Hiten’s original outfit; right now both Hiten and Kai (I think) are wearing Aernath shirts :).  All three DZ boys are wearing Diverse Designs pants; at the time they were just about the only pants available with long enough legs!

In front, of course, is the lovely Shien, a beloved old Minifee Shiwoo.  Shien’s head came to me as an elf-modded sleeping face; I later restored the ears to human shape and opened his eyes.  He’s such a love – my elder daughter still tries to wheedle him from me every so often but no way ;).  By the way, his wonderful necklace was a present from Hobbywhelmed (we swapped tonnage of dolls and doll stuff way back) and I believe the earring might have been, as well.  Oh, and he’s wearing The Hat… for now…

Shelf Three06

Here we have the beginnings of my elf obsession! 🙂  Ivy, on the left, is a DreamsCreator Safi head on a DoC body.  Safi was a limited edition of 55 heads of which two live at my house (my elder daughter has the other).  This particular Safi had somehow ended up with some uneven eye modding, a fact I didn’t notice until the first time I attempted a new faceup on her.  No matter what I did I couldn’t get any set of eyes to look good in her.  Finally I gave up and modded her eyes into a smaller but more regular shape.  And in proof that middle-aged eyes don’t see things they used to, I swear she didn’t have those stray hairs there when I took the picture!

Next to her is Shimmer, or Shim for short.  Ahh my cranky baby.  He’s a CP Ani Elf on another type 1 DZ body.  This poor boy hates me for all the bad wigs and awful looks I inflicted on him during his first few months here. (I mean really, does he look like a pink boy to you?)  He’s also always a little peeved that he didn’t end up with The Hat on a permanent basis.

Shelf Three11

Shelf Three08

Next to Shim are my two as yet mostly-unnamed Featherfall Iruhis.  There is no end of fun explaining that I have three Iruhis, all three of which came from Featherfall, but one of which is a DZ Wing! Yeah.  The brown Iruhi was purchased during Featherfall’s final order period for them because I wanted one who would wear those outlandish but wonderful pookah ears.  The gray guy next to him is informally known as “mini-Zerix” and was the very first dark grey Iruhi made. Because he was more or less the test case, my pictures of him served as the sample on Featherfall’s site for a few weeks while the first full order came in.  There was just enough time elapsed between the two that we have the same head but two different bodies.

Shelf Three11

The right side of Shelf Three is your basic smorgasbord of random guys and girls.  There’s no real theme to them aside from “ooh Shiny!” from present and past.

Shelf Three09

Next to “Mini-Zerix” are Pietr, Meredith, and He Who Once Was Yahiko But Needs A New Name.  Pietr came in my first wave of dolly frenzy.  He’s a Domuya Yang, Jr. who has been a good sport through thick, thin, bad faceups and sharp objects  (he once wore a very, very awful outfit and balanced against the scissors handles for a shoot.  We called it “Dancing With Scissors.”).  Domuya resin from that period of time yellowed like MAD. … Pietr has been through a couple of restoration attempts and came out much better for it.  I bought the DoC outfit (Kirill, maybe? I forget) from the Marketplace a few years ago and he just glommed onto it even though it is a bit large on him.  So be it.  After Dancing With Scissors he can wear whatever he likes!

Meredith, in the middle, is a Batchix Lagoon who was a lovely birthday 2012 gift from the one and only Alien Bean, Onomatopeia.  It is an oddity to me that while many of my dolls refuse to reveal their names, Meredith was quite firm about it and about the fact that she wanted THAT wig, thank you very much. I really need to find her a clothing look that suits her better, but she does like that little dress from Aernath a lot.  (I’m serious… we have swapped a LOT of doll stuff over the years!).

The tan Minifee Chiwoo started out as a normal skin Chiwoo. Then his former owner modded on elf ears and gave him a dye job that, if I remember correctly, she wasn’t happy with.  Someone pointed him out to me and since Elf Ears R Us I had no choice but to adopt him.  He eventually had an ear docking and a second tanning experience and was, for a short time, in the Kenshingumi as my Myojin Yahiko — but the scale of a minifee even to Elfdoll Reds was just off.  I found a more suitable Yahiko and now Mr. Chiwoo awaits his new name. Whoever he is, he still has a Forever Home with me.

Shelf Three10

The final two on this shelf are evidence that the Baakay Tinkers With Dolls.  A Lot. 🙂  The young lady on the left is a Serendipity Alice – a very old Serendipity Alice head who has been at various times of either gender, faceupped nicely and/or horribly, modded and unmodded, and in the end is a Serendipity Alice on a similar-vintage Serendipity girl body.  Much played with and loved even though nameless.

And finally we have Pietr’s long lost cousin, a Domuya Zen, Jr. head on a Mirodoll mini body.  Talk about both ends of a spectrum; the head is OLD and the body only a few months old and purchased specifically for him.  When the Alien Bean took the original ALL DOLL picture, this guy was dressed in a Miniorient hakama set which he practically swam in; Onomatopeia called him “Grunge Kenshin” and it may well have stuck.  For the interim and until I alter that hakama a bit, I wanted to show off his lovely biceps.  Mini-Zen suffers from the same wonky eye socket issue his larger version has; they seem too wide and too deep for his head.  Eventually, I intend to work on his eyes and re-blush his head (note that light tan was NOT the best choice of Mirodoll resin to match an old, yellowed Domuya head.).

And that’s it for this installment of All Doll.  Yuki thanks you for your attention during this particular trip down Memory Lane!

Shelf Three12


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All Doll Closeups – Shelf Two

We continue on our journey into the uncharted waters which comprise the Baakay Bunch, south to Shelf Two (ok, not precisely south so much as below, but you get the idea).  On this shelf we have a bit of everything; elf, human, hooved creatures and a couple of cyborgs for good measure.

Shelf Two 02

Shelf Two 04

Shelf Two 03

These two elves are Halfallen Downe, on the left, and Livingston on the right.  Halfallen is one of the many pointy-eared friends I’ve adopted from Achsfan over the years I’ve been in the hobby.  He is a modded DZ Cloud, now a discontinued sculpt but one of my favorites.  His name came about shortly after he moved in. In August 2010, while we were setting up for a photostory I plopped him down as he was and  he just stood there, like a rock, in this position, for at least half an hour with people and cats and other dolls moving all over the place around him.


Halfallen 03

We captioned it “I’ve half-fallen, and I can’t get up?” and the name stuck.  Not only did it stick, but one of my Lord of the Rings Online characters, a Rune-Keeper, was named Halfallen Downe and designed to look as much like this handsome devil as possible – in a reversal of the usual “I have a character and now I’m going to shell him in resin” routine.

Livingston is a Doll Family Zi Lou head that arrived at my house via Fishcake, either as part of a trade or completely as a surprise (there have been both). He ended up on a Resinsoul Long body.  When I first put him together he was wearing a long white lab coat-looking thing and the straw hat, which is not meant to be pulled down at the brim like a pith helmet, but there it was.  I looked at him and said “Dr. Livingston, I presume?” and so he has remained.  (I’m sure I  shouldn’t add that he’s quite taken with Tmar’s friend Cirrus.  Cirrus’ main squeeze has sharp swords that I would hate to meet on a dark night).


Shelf Two 05

Shelf Two 06

Next we have Emperor Iruhi (DZ Wing) and an as-yet-unnamed Soom Heliot.  Now, many people know the Featherfall Iruhi mini with the big ears. This guy was the first Iruhi -also named after the character in Apis Teicher’s first novel.  When I decided that I needed a Wing in December 2007, Apis (the owner of Featherfall) allowed me to purchase her Iruhi because I had fallen in love with his snarky, superior smirk.  He’s another one whose faceup has turned very yellow with age, but frankly the lighting makes him look a lot yellower than he actually is.

The Heliot is a more recent arrival, and has no name yet. I can blame him on Fishcake, as well, as she spied the sales thread for his head and sicced me on it.  I consider Heliot one of the most beautiful sculpts ever made – and the gorgeous  blue and black top made by Xtal really brings that out.  As does the bizarro lighting down here, which turns him blue in general.


Shelf Two 07

Shelf Two 08

The penultimate guy on the back row of Shelf Two is a Dollshe Hound in the process of being transformed into Vampire Hunter D.  When I bought my very first doll ever from a local collector in 2006, she also introduced me to her other doll, a Hound on the original body.  I thought he was amazing but at the time I was terrified of how huge he was and figured the DZ Megi mini was quite large enough for me, thank you.  When Dollshe had their big half-price sale in… 2012? I was pondering getting one and Xtal said something like “in paleskin he could be, oh I don’t know, any old dhampir” — and it was all over but the flinging of cash. 🙂  He’s had a Bad Hair Day today as I was moving him around and changing his clothes, and I obviously didn’t get him groomed up properly again.  Oops.

And then we have Tang – Tangetsu, or Tangetsugo as he used to be called back when he lived at Aernath’s Ranch.  He’s a tan Iplehouse Soo-Ri on the muscle body, a fact I forget because he looks so little like her Ichigo, who is synonymous with Soo-Ri in my brain.  Tang took my breath away from the moment Aernath put him together, and for years I would tell her “if you EVER decide it’s time for him to leave, let me know first.”  And she did. Tang is based very loosely on the character Zangetsu from the anime Bleach – very loosely in particular because anime-Zangetsu is bone white. This here is a tan-Zangetsu, or Tangetsu!

“I must be in the front row…”

Shelf Two 10

Shelf Two 09

In the front row we begin with Zerix Cinerious (“Zerix the Gray One” as he translates it) and Rosalie Woodmund, the two main characters from my 2011 NaNoWriMo effort.  Zerix is a Boy & Girl Old World Colorara Mlezzlir who I snagged the second the order period came up.  HAD to have him.  Zerix, who is now well over six hundred years old, started life as a slight but powerful woodsman who looked surprisingly like Boris from Shelf One (hey, I needed a model!).  But after some unwelcome interference he found himself transformed into an equally slight but even stronger – lethal, even – weapon.  And nosir, he does not like it.

Rosalie Woodmund is, obviously, a very old Serendipity Sharmin.  I’ve had her forever and a day, and she was beginning to assert her own personality before Zerix showed up.  However, in 2011 she revealed her family name and part of her hitherto unknown past to me.  Turns out she was actually a Ph.D. student and a worker in an academic library (shameless autobiographical tricks for building up word count, anyone?) when she finally discovered the passageway into the atrium of (one of the big academic libraries I used to work in) — and suddenly she found herself falling into a strange place, landing on top of a very surly gray elf who was hard enough to cause her to pass out. It was only after she woke up that she realized she was now in a body much, much smaller than her human one, and that she had elf ears, to boot.

Shelf Two 11

Shelf Two 12

Staring at them intently is Angus – a Unidoll UH-08 in French resin, the first elf doll I knew without question that I HAD to own, no question about it. I think it took me three tries over two years before I finally, actually landed one and got him home and boy was he worth the wait.  Old, yellowed, single-jointed and all, this guy is an heirloom.  He’s wearing several pieces of the Featherfall “Timestream” LE outfit, of which Boris up on the top shelf has the rest.  Angus, it turned out, is one of the leaders of the coalition of elves and humans fighting a war against a faction of racist humans who are trying to exterminate the elves – basically he’s Zerix’s bossman.  There’s much more to Angus than meets the eye, including a huge amount of political power.

Finally, here are the last two groupings on this shelf; Things With Hooves and Cyborg Girls.

Shelf Two 13

Shelf Two 14

Mr. Bronze and Orange here is Sam, an Impldoll Sam.  There was just something about the Sam face that said “you need me!” to me.  And besides, I always wanted someone who could pull off The Other Wig – another one of those squirrely fur wigs that I couldn’t bear to part with.  Yes I made his jacket/tunic thing that still needs some finishing.  That orange leather was a true pain to work with.

Shelf Two 16

This is obviously a Soom Aphan. Aphan was one of the monthlies that I desperately wanted at the time but was not in a position to get; thus like so many of the others he is an adoption.  He is awaiting his name and some actual clothing.

Shelf Two 17

And this little guy is Albert, one of the DZ deer tinies from several years ago.  I purchased him from Featherfall; and he was named by Apis’ son, who was just a wee lad at the time. (“He looks like an Albert to me.”  “And Albert he shall be!”)



Shelf Two 19

Shelf Two 18

The final two on Shelf Two are from my brief but satisfying Cyborg phase.  Particularly brief in that I’ve done nothing with either of these amazing girls since I got them aside from wigging/partially clothing them.  On the left is a Souldoll Souloid Ier, and on the right a Batchix Mini-Machina Eta.  I’m not certain about the future of either of these girls in my collection but I consider them fine examples of just how cool resin dolls can be!

And that is shelf two.  Time for a deep breath before plumbing the depths of Shelf Three, where many of my original gang lives 🙂






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All Doll Closeups – Shelf One

When I posted the All Doll picture on Den of Angels, I was swarmed with lovely comments as well as requests for close-up shots.  So here we go: shelf-by-shelf groupings!  Given how ridiculously long it takes me to take and edit photos it will be a long-term project :).

Shelf One01

Shelf One02

Just TRY to get decent lighting and steady hands down here in the dark!  This is the top left corner of the Wall O’Doll, and while the second picture came out much better, it didn’t show the Mirodoll drow.  So you get both!

Shelf One03

Here are two familiar faces!  On the left is Niari, a Type 1 CP/Delf Shiwoo who I’ve had for years – March 2007, to be exact. He has yellowed a lot in the time since, particularly in his faceup – but I can’t bear to remove it for some reason.  I’ll never forget the day I got him, as it was instant love for me. 🙂  To his right is one of my many unnamed dolls, a much more recent El on another type 1 body who I bought because my collection begun in 2006 seemed incomplete without an El! 🙂   He desperately needs a different wig, but I haven’t decided on his style quite yet.

Shelf One04

Next is the first up of my gang of elves. He’s a Juri 2012 head on a Fantasydoll body – and really the only one of my many dolls who could pull off that wonderful purple wig (Monique Gold, I think).  Next to him is a Customhouse Ceebee bought on a complete whim because she’s lovely.  She’s wearing my one and only snag from the Val Zeitler “Attic Treasures” collection way back.  I absolutely had to get that dress.  My younger daughter and I keep stealing it from each other depending on who’s paying attention the least.

Shelf One05

Here are two of my most beloved guys:  Tanwoo Hu and Boris.  Tanwoo is, obviously, a tan Shiwoo – his name was suggested by former DoA regular Spamsama, who said something like “a Tan Shiwoo! Woo Hoo!”  and so he has been ever since.  What’s really hilarious about him that’s not obvious in this picture is that the wig that his first owner shipped with him in 2007 went to Aernath for several years, where it lived atop Tangetsu’s head – one of the funkiest and best-travelled fur wigs ever.  And now both Tang and the wig are here in my collection — small world.   Next to Tanwoo is Boris, a much-labored-over Domuya Zen. I never could get Boris looking right because Zens had amazingly oversized eye holes that really detracted from the balance of the face, in my view.  So began the long process that took me several years and more than one re-modding of the eye mods until finally I got them just right.  Love this boy.

Shelf One06

Finally we have a study in contrasts.  To the left is Belinda, a Doll N Doll Bella. Belinda is a minor but important character in the piece I wrote for NaNoWriMo in 2011 – I hadn’t planned on shelling that particular character, but when I saw the sale for the Bella I had to have her.  Next to Belinda is my Birthmas 2013 gift, a Mirodoll black resin elf.  I obviously haven’t found the right look for her yet; the first faceup I did was simply hideous and I’m not convinced that the silver is much better.  I usually work in pastels and pencils only, but this resin does not play well with MSC.  The Mirodoll body is fabulous – wonderfully engineered, solid and elegant — but to me her head seems a bit out of proportion to her neck.  I hope I’ll be able to hide that a bit with the proper outfit and wig at some point.

And that’s Shelf One.  Tune in again for the next episode of All Doll, when we venture south to Shelf Two!




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For so many years I’ve been asked:  “Show me a picture of all of your dolls!”   And I never have, because, um…

I have TOO.  MANY.  DOLLS.

Proof?  In October, my Best Friend and Natural Enemy, Kymaera, came for what used to be his annual visit but which has taken a back seat to health issues for the past couple.   And HE finally took the picture.  Don’t mind the fact that none of the Pukis show (real or unreal), nor do the several that are in pieces and parts being worked on.  Nor the four loose boy bodies, the several floating heads, or the black Mirodoll elf that he brought me for a Birthmas present.  🙂  Also, excuse the poor lighting:  I really DO keep my dolls in a darkened room… the Dungeon of Anime ™ so named by my younger daughter when she was just a wee kid.

So for those who wondered how huge the Bunch had gotten since the Kenshingumi was begun back in 2006, I give you:  ALL DOLL.

Holy crap.

Holy crap.

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Some Soom

It’s been a very long while since I’ve posted up pictures.  So long, in fact, that I have a huge backlog of newcomers to show.  So without any further preamble, here are Some Soom!

First of all is my Heliot.  I never quite stopped missing RatT after he went home to his One True Love.  So by watching the marketplace carefully (and by jumping on a tip from Fishcake) I was able to assemble my own Heliot; this one seems to have a completely different personality than his predecessor, but he hasn’t said much about himself yet.  He doesn’t have the hooves, but perhaps some day?

Lighting was a bit of an issue for his shoot.  It should have been perfect, in the drizzle… but we do forget how WHITE! Soom WHITE! can be in an outdoor setting.

Note the gorgeous top?  It was made for me by Crystal! (Xtal on DoA)





But in another part of the yard we got some shots of his relative – a Chrom on a human body.  This Chrom is another of my many adoptions from Achsfan on DoA, as you might guess just by seeing the scrollwork on his face.  This is another LONG-overdue picture for the seamstress who made the outstanding outfit (haori? plus mompei pants).  Thanks so much, Crystal!

He always seems just a bit fragile, to me, in spite of being an obvious fantasy creature.





Neither of these boys has a name… yet….

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Iruhi up a tree! Whatcha gonna do.

This little guy – name pending – was a must-have for me.  When the Featherfall Iruhi elf model was announced I knew I was going to need one.  (Elves R Us!)  I was making arrangements to buy one for myself and one for a friend, and trying desperately to decide which color resin I wanted for mine.  “Boy, if he came in that dark gray he’d be the perfect mini-Zerix,” I laughed to the owner, who knows me and my collection well. (Zerix Cinerious is a B&G Colorara.Mlexxir).

At that time she was considering offering him to the public in this color later on, so she ordered one up for me as sort of a “test model.”  I still haven’t settled on a name or a look for him but he sure isn’t Zerix Jr.! 🙂 I hadn’t intended using his Pookah ears, but you have to admit they’re adorable.


Here he is with his adorable little elf ears showing.  This was my original intent for him:


A pose in front of one of the few spots in my back yard that hasn’t been decimated by drought.  I love how he can look positively angelic at the right angle…


But just a few feet up, in the waning light of the day, he doesn’t look nearly so benign.  Sneaky little guy planning mischief, maybe?

I don’t know which amazes me more; how great he looks in the inevitable “Iruhi-in-a-tree” pose or how big that tree has gotten. It was a volunteer offshoot of another tree when we moved in; slender and very nearly removed in an act of random yardwork.

Time will tell what this little one has up his sleeve.

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I kept saying I didn’t need an EID, and then of course there was the Tokyo Tedros.  THEN I started wishing for another EID but what kind of silliness is that?

Until, one day, Iplehouse came out with the Bichun sculpt.  One day, pondering something or other on Den of Angels, I looked up at a painting I won a few years ago at Nan Desu Kan in Denver, of a decidedly more realistic-looking, non-anime-esque Battousai embracing Tomoe in the snow.  And from that moment on there was no question of it; there would be another iteration of Himura Kenshin in the house.  And why “Himura”?  Because I already have a Kenshin, and a Battousai, and little Shinta.

This morning I finally shook off the lethargy and took some photos.  They’re not great photography, but I need to reacquaint myself with the entire process.  Still, I hope you’ll enjoy them.


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I’m Astonished.

I ordered this particular newcomer on January 19th from Dollmore and here she is, today — not even a month later!  I hadn’t even thought about looking for a notification from them for several more weeks, nor had I gone into my account on their site to see what was up.  So when the doorbell rang today I figured it must be another shipment of the hubby’s books…  Boy was I wrong.

Here she is, one of twenty in the whole world.  Dollmore Zaoll Pharoh Luv. Wow.  Poor photo notwithstanding, she is incredibly gorgeous.

The fullset outfit is amazing, with that necklace of dangling rods, a headdress with veils and earring-like appendages, the cloak/train cloth with pretty loops of bangles to wrap around her arms; there are also arm wrappings, a leather “belt” and the dress itself, to say nothing of matching sandals.  Amazing details.

She does not have a speck on her face permanently… a dust mote decided to find her.  And that’s the shadow of the earring on the right side of her face (our left).

And yes, we hate flash, but her sparkly eyes required it. What is not visible in any of these shots is the very pretty waistband of the dress (it matches the arm wraps) nor the painted nails (hands and feet both are a copper color).

The only issue I have with her fullset is that the dress itself BARELY fastens around her, making snap-popping frequent and frustrating (fortunately the leather belt/bodice thing covers it).  I suspect a quick hook and eye will give it just the extra it needs so that she can breathe 🙂

Welcome to our household Pharaoh!

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Frozen Wings

This story is a follow-up to one titled “Moving On” posted by fellow DoA-er Aernath last November. It’s located here. Today’s installment is due in large part to the efforts of Lizardbreath and her excellent skills at outdoor photography.

As usual, thoughts are in italics.


It’s been quite sunny and warm — for January in northern Colorado, anyway — but today there’s a change brewing.  It’s raw and windy, and a planned visit to the park has turned very chilly indeed for little Rosalie.

Well my.  I really wanted to visit my friends the herons today, but I guess I should have come yesterday when it was warmer!


I’m really glad I wore my shawl, too.  That breeze is getting a little brisk for my tastes.


Poor things, you and everything else are just about frozen solid!


*giggle*Yes I’m silly.  Of course you’re solid, you’re bronze.  But look at the lake!  And the sky looks so cold…  I’ll bet all the birds will be heading for their hiding spots pretty soon.  I think that wind is bringing us a snowstorm.

Rosalie listens for a moment to the cries of birds and the rustling of dried grasses and tree limbs. Between wind-borne noises and passing traffic in the distance, she barely notices a slightly deeper, regular, “fwhoosh” sound until it suddenly stops — and a clattering thud takes its place just on the other side of the statue.




uuuuuughhhh…  He moans and begins to sway unsteadily…


What? Wings??


“Must… find my true…. OW, head hurts.  Where…?


Oh my gosh… RatT!  Mr. RatT!!  What are you doing HERE? … Are you ok??


Oh… little one, you are …  here? Where?  Oh. Head.  Hurts…  Cold…
Oh my god, he’s hurt.  I need help.  LEAF, WHERE ARE YOU, I NEED HELP! No, he’s at home, oh what will I do?


Hmm? What?  Why do I suddenly get the feeling I REALLY need to go to the lake?  Odd…


A small figure appears on the sculpture above them.


Where am I? What…


*giggle* RatT Dude. You are NOT in Kansas anymore! *giggle*


She turns back to RatT, trying to get him to move.


Not to worry, Rosalie Dudette. I think everyone with an ear to hear, heard that shriek of yours. I’m just here to be a lighthouse so he can home in on you. …. Speaking of which, I’d best be going!


Mr. RatT, it’s a little warmer over on this side. Don’t worry, I’m sure Joseph is going to fetch help, we’ll get you to a warm spot soon.”
How did I… lost… so tired… my wings hurt and my head is all…”

The sounds of running feet on the concrete pathway get louder and louder.


I’m here, Rosa- wait a second, RatT? How? What the hell are you doing here? I thought you were in Kansas!


He’s really confused, Leaf; and he’s hurt, I think – and he’s so cold he’s practically purple!
Yeah. Yeah, it’s ok, buddy, we need to get you taken care of. Don’t worry about anything, ok?


Here we go. Put your arm around my shoulder. Let’s get you home.


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