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Patalliro does his Cock Robin dance.
Bancoran ponders life and love over a snifter of brandy.
Bancoran and his biggest conquest, Maraihi.
Frequently seen expression from Patalliro.
One of the many bishonen who falls for Bancoran's charms
Bancoran looking suspicious
Bancoran envisions Patalliro's mother looking like this...
A small rear view of Bancoran.
Grandpa Bancoran readies for the attack.
Lovely Maraihi speaks on the phone.
Maraihi speaks to Bancoran.

Grandpa Bancoran readies for the attack.
Sequence: A11
Layers: 1
Sketch: 1 Matching
Background: Original Matching

Patalliro (11)
Here's a simply perfect look at Bancoran's grandfather, reputedly a pirate of some sort. Looks obviously ran in the family!

I was drawn to this show because it's a complete riot and very campy. But the "Bancoran" look is so clearly one of the early progenitors of the "beautiful bishie" type! The pointed chin, the sultry eyes and stern expression resonate through decades, now, of shows that followed. What's especially interesting is that in my celbook, Patalliro is followed by my lone Petshop of Horrors cel of Count D. The resemblance is startling (and very pleasing!). There are even echoes of this guy in Vampire Hunter D's killer looks and dark appearance.

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